I am a 31 year old originally from Western Pennsylvania.

I am now living just outside of Nashville, Tennessee with my boyfriend of five years and our 14 year old Golden Retriever.  I am a stay at home non-mom, who loves to cook, paint, decorate, create and write.

I have lived in seven states since 1998 and find I can’t stay put in one place too long without getting a bit of an urge to travel.

I have worked all types of jobs in all types of industries; retail, office and reception work, Bartending, set construction and even fashion styling.

My hope is to one day own my own business working in either the culinary arts or design and  to own a small piece of land one day where I can have my own garden and lots of space for a bunch of animals, where my fabulous nephew and nieces will want to come and visit all the time.


10 thoughts on “CjackPlay

  1. You would probably be really great at what I do 🙂 You seem to have a background of makeup and you know more application than a lot of people do. Just read your about me I don’t think I had before. Thanks again for the blog award!

    • Awww! Thank you so much! As soon as I get a chance to hit up my moms laptop I will be thoroughly devouring all of those blogs you linked to with your award. Too sweet of you to think of my little space as beautiful, but I’ll take the compliment anyway.

      • You are most welcome, perhaps one of the reasons that you have actually made me take fitness as an issue seriously. Now i have started my own workout in the morning! 😀

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