Inspiration: Fall Leaves Nails

So this week I had a few extra minutes to spare and found some inspiration in the changing leaves around the complex. I pulled out three of my favorite nail polishes and set to work.

I started with my clear base coat and then at the very bed of the nail I added a small amount of LA Colors Wave Length stopping a third of the way up the nail. Allowing the first section to dry a bit I then added my Sinful Colors Cloud nine the rest of the way up the nail to the tip. Once that color had a few minutes to set I finished my colors off with Sinful Colors Courtney Orange and then allowed them to dry for a few minutes before sealing them with a clear top coat.

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out and I hope you like them as much as I do.
Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Fall Leaves Nails

  1. LOVE!! These are beautiful! But then, I’m a sucker for orange and I’m a double sucker for fall leaves. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think now that I’m painting my nails more often, I should buy some orange–don’t have any yet.

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