Christmas Fingers and Toes

Nothing quite beats the holiday season for sucking every extra minute from my day. From buying gifts, wrapping them and getting them to the post office to cooking and cleaning, decorating and more cleaning, my time seems to just up and disappear faster and faster with each passing year. I did find time to do my nails though, which felt like a big win for me so I made sure to go all out.

So I gave my nails a good base coat, then I went with a good coat of Revlon Red 680. After I let the polish dry I grabbed my white and black nail art pens and gave each nail a holiday themed design.

If you go from one side to the other you will see a Christmas Tree, some falling snow nails, a snowman, some peppermint striped nails, an ornament, and a snowflake. It felt really good to take a little time for myself, so good in fact that I moved on to my toes.

This started with a clear base coat then a layer of Orly Deja Vu. With that dry I added the peppermint stripes with my red nail art pen and then gave a final top coat to all of my nails.
Well, that is all the extra time I have for the evening and now it’s time to make dinner, so I will leave you with a wish for the happiest of holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Fingers and Toes

  1. You really did go all out!! Glad you found the time to pamper yourself a little. these fingernails and toenails are too cute and I know if I had them, I’d feel sweet!
    Merry Christmas belated and happy New Year!!

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