December… how the heck is it December already?

I know it has been a long while since I posted. Weeks have passed and I have been very lame and not given even a moments thought to painting my nails, or making fun and delicious snacks, or doing progress pics. Ugh. What I have been doing is working. Working and working and working some more.

20121213-161837.jpg This is what happens during the black friday weekend and this is what I had to clean up at 2 AM before I could go home. Yeah, sometimes people suck. But not to worry everyone, I have had a few fun little moments here and there though when I wasn’t working and even some when I have been at work thanks to some amazingly, awesome co-workers and managers.
My BF turned 46 on the 8th so we had two weekends to celebrate this with two separate visits from friends from LA. Weekend one, the weekend before his birthday our friend Jodi came to town and we got to spend Saturday with her and take her downtown. Unfortunately, I only got to see her that one night because I had to work a 9-5 on Friday and then go home and hit the hay for a 2:30AM wakeup call for my 4:00 shift Saturday morning. That Sunday I had purchased tickets to take my BF to see The Who in downtown Nashville.

20121213-161613.jpg We might not have had the best seats in the house, but we had a wonderful time and it was an amazing show. Plus we were introduced to the band Vintage Trouble and that in itself was an awesome experience. They killed it when the opened the show that night. My BF bought their album on iTunes right then and there. They were that good!
The following weekend we had another buddy come into town on Saturday, which I was originally scheduled to work a close shift, but a co-worker was awesome enough to cover my shift that day. We booked a table at Merchant’s Restaurant downtown

20121213-162633.jpg and then walked around Broadway catching drinks and shows in different bars along the way. It was another really fun weekend and my boy got to hang out with his best buds since middle school so he was really stoked.
This weekend will be much less fun, I have to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday so boo for me, but at least that will give my BF time to wrap all the fun little packages that have been arriving in the mail that I have had to pinky swear not to even touch.
I know I am blathering on about stuff that you could probably care less about, but I promise this is just to let you all know that I am not dead or missing in action. I will be writing soon about my progress with TurboFire,

20121213-162123.jpg which you will all be glad to know I have kept up with even with the crazy schedule I am keeping. That pic is just a taste of what I have been doing to myself on a six day a week basis for five weeks.
Until I can get back to you keep the home fires burning for me.
Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “December… how the heck is it December already?

  1. That pic of you two is so great! You look amazing, Christen!! šŸ™‚

    Boo for work.. not sure how you’re finding time to get your butt kicked with workouts with the exhausting schedule!! Keep it up, girl!

    • Thanks Jennifer. We almost never get our picture taken together so it was good that we didn’t look like dorks.
      As for working out I just make sure to schedule it in to my day like everything else I do that way if it doesn’t get done I feel doubly guilty. šŸ˜€

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