Flu Re-Do: How a Cold Changed My Fitness Program

I am sick, but don’t worry I don’t think I am viral anymore, so most likely you won’t catch this bug. I have been sick since I arrived home from my trip to Charlotte last weekend. I think it might have had something to do with the rush to get packed, the seven and a half hour drive, then insisting on doing my workout when we got there, trying to pack as family and kid time into the next day as we could then going out that night with my sibs to celebrate their respective birthdays and drinking and sweating and dancing and laughing, then getting up the next morning only to drive back the seven hours home.
Add to this the fact that the most interaction I usually get with kids is folding the children’s section of the store in which I work. I am not used to the cuddling and kissing, the runny noses wiped all up and down my arms and phone, the we-don’t-want-our-water-bottles-we-want-to-share-with-Aunt-Chris and the like. I am not complaining. I love my Niece and Nephew to pieces and it probably wasn’t even them that got me sick, but all these “new” germs and allergens in the air that I was taking giant gulping breaths of during my workout and my marathon dance session in the club/sauna might have been a contributing factor.
I got back from this trip and the next day was a bit fatigued. The following morning I awoke with a scratchy throat and by that afternoon, at work, I was light headed and nauseous. I awoke on the third day back and I was SICK.
My denial had been strong enough up until this point to keep me on program and I somehow made it through a few TurboFire workouts, BAD IDEA! Light workouts are fine when you are feeling a little ill, but when you are coming down with a serious cold or flu it is best if you don’t HIIT train for an hour a day. Yeah, I am not that bright sometimes. My poor BF has to deal with this endless struggle to push myself to my limits all the time, so imagine being him. It may go without saying that this horrible idea to keep to my training schedule while sick only made me worse. I did end up going to work on the fifth day back only to work for 1 hour and then ask to be sent home because I was dizzy and didn’t want to pass out at work. Or worse I might pass this cold on to a coworker. For the most part, I like my coworkers. For the most part.
The really tough part for me was when I did decide that I couldn’t stick to my original training schedule I had to take REST DAYS! Now I am not a complete idiot. I know that rest days are a very important part of a training regime. Your body needs just as much rest as it does exercise in order to repair and make gains, but I hardly ever take more than one full-on rest day a week. I make sure that I get my eight to ten hours of sleep a night and that I give myself active recovery throughout the week, but two days in a row or even in a week just doesn’t happen in my world. I have been able to continue some light training this week, but I have made some big decisions about how I am going to change my routine going forward.
Before I get to that though, I need to mention another complication that occurred this week. I could not stop eating. No matter how tired, or out-of-it I felt I was constantly hungry. I felt like I spent more time in the kitchen than I did in bed. It was out of control. I tried to keep myself on diet, but my brain was so focused on getting my body back to healthy that all the measuring and counting that I normally do seemed to fly out the window. I swear I have gained five pounds this week.
It also doesn’t help that the same day that I got sick I also got my unwelcome visit from the giant hormone bomb that is my monthly cycle. I cannot express to you male readers out there just how envious I am of you not having to deal with this crap every month.
To add insult to injury I also had some rather large and very annoying eczema outbreaks on my arms. Yeah, I have been a real disaster this past week. Don’t even get me started on the fact that two days into this whole debacle the BF came down with the same thing I had. Not the visit from Aunt Flo or eczema, just the cold. Though sometimes he goes through what I like to call “Manstration”, but then I think all dudes go through a crazy hormone cycle once in a while, where they get all bitter and super pissy about things that don’t have any bearing on anything important. We are all entitled to our bad days, but there is nothing like being stuck at home sick with your significant other for a week to make you take a good, hard look at your relationship.
Now that I am feeling a bit better, not 100% better mind you; more like 85-90%, I have decided that I am not going to continue on with the TurboFire schedule. This is kind of a big deal for me. Since last February I finished the Brazilian Butt Lift program and P90X in their entirety. I am not one to back down from a challenge and I have seen some serious gains in endurance levels and coordination. Side note: this is how sick I still am; it just took me 3 minutes to think of the word coordination.
I am just not seeing the kind of results that I am looking for. I want to get my body fat way, way down and build more muscle. Now, I know that the HIIT training is a great way to burn fat all day long, but I miss strength training too much to continue on with this program.
Here is what I am going to do. I am going back to my P90X routine from the beginning, but I will incorporate HIIT training twice a week from the TurboFire routine as well, so that I can continue to make progress in aerobic and anaerobic levels. What I will probably end up doing is adding the HIIT training to a day where I will be doing strength training only, or to a day where I would normally do a P90X cardio routine. If I add it to a strength training day I will split my workouts to an AM session and a PM session so I don’t overdo it like I have done before. Two hours straight at the gym was all fun and dandy, but as I have learned it takes quite a toll on your body.
Now I need to get back on diet. I am trying to keep the calories between 1500-1900 a day after figuring in the exercise calories, but more important that the numbers are the types of calories that I am adding in. On days that I work anaerobically I will add more carbs and protein and on days that I work in my aerobic zone I will include more healthy fats so I am not depriving my body of what it needs to burn. Does this make sense or is my fuzzy head making me say things that are stupid?
That is the new plan and I just thought I would share it with you all. Today is a strength training day and while I am going to try to complete the full work out I will stop if I have to, because that is what my body needs. I have to write these things down to make myself believe them.
I think that sums up most things except for the story about my three-year old nephew being the best personal trainer ever, but I will save that for another time.
Thanks for reading and please forgive the grammatical errors. My poor sick head can’t take much more thinking for the day and I want to be able to make good food choices later. Decision fatigue is a b*#%h! Much love to you all and heres hoping you don’t get what I got.


5 thoughts on “Flu Re-Do: How a Cold Changed My Fitness Program

  1. Ack! You obviously have been very sick! I have always been impressed with how much you work out and how consistent you are, but I am glad you actually let your body do a little talking to you this time. Can’t have a sick Christen! I don’t think it’s any big deal that you switch your program and don’t go all the way through the TurboFire. You might feel more inclined to do so later, anyways.
    I should count my calories like you. I didn’t realize you’ve been counting your calories all this time so faithfully, but with how you’ve thinned down and maintained that, I’m guessing that had a lot to do with it. Calorie counting here I come!!
    And . . . can’t wait to hear the story about your nephew personal trainer. 🙂

  2. Glad you got to get in some fun family time, but hope you feel better soon, chickie!! Definitely let your body REST when it needs to! No need to feel guilty or down on yourself when you need to heal!!
    I’d be interested to see how you would do on a strict lifting program of just 3-4x a week.. 😉 hehe.

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