Progress Pics: October Goals Met?

So about a month ago I finished the P90X routine. It was a great accomplishment for me. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been active before that; previously to my beginning the system I had done the Brazilian Butt Lift for somewhere around twenty weeks, it was the fact that I had stuck with the system for the full 90 days and only had one or two missed days in that entire time. The missed days I made up, by the way, and then some by writing out my set lists for the third phase and taking them to the gym where I basically double the sets to every exercise. Painful? Yes, but extremely effective.
After finishing the system I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I know that after Christmas I will probably try a new system, but I didn’t want to lock in to a whole new deal right before the crunch time of the holiday. Instead of starting a whole new routine, I simply modified my existing P90X routines, still taking set lists to the gym and doubling up the sets, by adding in the Brazilian Butt Lift cardio and leg routines.
I haven’t quite found my flow with this mix yet, but I am getting closer. Basically the deal I made with myself called for three days of weights and three days of cardio a week with a rest day at the end of each week. So far I have had to add three additional rest days in at random intervals due to my work schedule. A schedule which I usually don’t get until the Friday of the previous week which leaves me very little time to plan my meals and workouts around those days that I have to work. My schedule is never the same. Any given week I can get scheduled for 5AM shifts or closing shifts and any combination in between. I don’t really mean for this to sound like an excuse, but it is sort of my excuse.
Anyway, on to the results for this month. Here are my progress pics.

Oct. 2012 Results Front

October 2012 Results Back

Oct. 2012 Results Arms and Abs

Oct. 2012 Results Side View

Oct. 2012 Results Shoulders and Back

I am not sure if I will continue with Brazilian Butt Lift Cardio as I don’t think it is having the same affect that the P90X cardio routines provide. Perhaps I will give this one more month to show results and then decide in November whether the cardio should stay or go back to P90X. What do you think? I am definitely getting some more definition in my back, but I worry that my legs and butt aren’t quite shaping up with the rest of me. Honesty opinions people. No sugar coating on my account. I am a big girl; I can take the critiques.

And one more thing before I leave you all for the day. Good news is on the way, but for now it is super secret and I have virtually pinky-sworn that I will not give anything away quite yet. If you are a family member of mine and you are reading this, DON’T get your hopes up as there are no buns in this oven; thank our merciful lord. Soon. Very soon my lovelies I will let this cat out of the bag and bestow you with the knowledge that you are so very keen to hear. Or maybe not so keen.
Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Progress Pics: October Goals Met?

  1. Does everyone assume that if a woman has a secret she’s pregnant? πŸ˜› It’s the hot topic this week apparently lol (you keep up with Twitter? Sam, Martha, and I were talking about babies).

    And your back is looking AWESOME. Totally jealous. One of my goals is to have a strong, muscular back.. hope to get there soon!

    I think maybe try something less crazy than what you’re doing and see if you see good results. You’re obviously dedicated and determined and give your all, so maybe try a three day a week lifting program like us ladies? Bethany (projectwhitespace) and Sam (lifeisbangin) are both doing New Rules of Lifting for Women; so maybe a good opportunity to see if it has something good for you? It’s intense, and only three times a week! πŸ™‚

    • I wouldn’t say everyone assumes that, but knowing my family I would place bets on them hoping it was true. LOL!
      I will look into the program you all are on. The only problem I have with a lifting program is that the gym I use here doesn’t have a lot of free weight options.
      You will get that strong back you want, you just have to be patient a little while longer. All that hard work does pay off over time, that I guarantee.

  2. Christen, I did just start the New Rules of Lifting for Women and I’m doing it at home. I don’t think you need a lot of free weight options to do it. A barbell with some weights and some dumbells and a ball. So far I think that’s all I need. Anyway, you look awesome, your back ROCKS–can I steal your picture for my blog and link back to you? And, your arms and abs are dynamite as well. Now, are your thighs getting the definition you want? I’m asking because sometimes pictures don’t do us justice, but you said be critical and you could take it. You are extremely well defined up top, and your tush looks perfect, but if you want to match all the way and compete in a physique show, which I totally think you should at this point, then the thighs look like you could use some definition. Was that too harsh? I hate saying it because I think you look perfect as is, but I know you are all into sculpting yourself and you want honesty, so I’m trying to be as hard-honest as I can, without being mean.
    but seriously, as long as you are doing this–you should truly just enter a physique show.

    • No worries Bethany, I am totally down with the honesty. My thighs are my BIGGEST problem spot. It seems like no matter what I do they refuse to shrink or tone. 😦 I have tried squats and lunges and bands and presses and weighted hamstring lifts and nothing seems to work on them. My mom says she has always had this problem as well. The only time she has ever had any luck with them is when she was building a log cabin in Colorado while working full time as a nurse and living in a tiny one room trailer with my dad and their dog. She lost so much weight that she looked like she was just skin over muscle and bone. It is our genetic lot in life to have problem thighs. I am thinking of adding more running and seeing if that helps, but she runs a lot and it doesn’t seem to make much difference for her. 😦 Stupid thighs always keeping me down.
      Yes, you may use my photos with the link, thank you for asking. And thanks again for your honesty. I have problems keeping perspective on my body and always appreciate when someone will be straight with me. It’s hard to get an accurate picture of yourself when your brain keeps making your think you are still the same old fatty you were when you started, you know?

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  4. LOL, No, I’m totally serious!! They have cellulite all over!! haha! Oh well, I’m hoping the weightlifting and clean eating will help. Of course, the kit kat bar and bugles I had after lunch today probably didn’t help. I’m so horrible. πŸ™‚ Check out my blog–I added your picture. πŸ™‚

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