What in the World!?

So here is the deal, I went to bed around 8:30-9 PM last night because I had to be up at 3:30 AM in the morning to get to work by 5 AM. Around 12:30 PM my phone, which is on vibrate, because I am paranoid that some emergency will happen I will need to be reached, begins to buzz. Thinking it was my alarm I get up and go to the kitchen. I am about to make my coffee when I see the clock on the wall. I head back to bed. The phone goes off again. I see it is a international number and since I know only a few folks overseas and no one in Mexico I assume it is a wrong number. I am almost wide awake at this point and realize that this person must have called me earlier and I mistook it for my alarm. I get back under the covers and try to sleep, but it is hard to get my mind to go back into sleep mode so I put on an old Stuff You Missed In History Class Podcast and try to lull myself back to sleep. I start the podcast and it starts to work its magic and then the phone begins to ring through my headphones and vibrate again! This time I go to my settings and turn off the vibrate option and make sure to turn on the Do Not Disturb option so that I can finally get back to sleep with no other interruptions. I turn the podcast back on and a few minutes later it rings again through the headphones. Obviously the Do Not Disturb option doesn’t do jack squat so I ditch the headphones and turn the podcast off. By this point it is after 1 AM and my brain is angry and awake and so I have to try to get myself back to sleep by counting down from 100 over and over again until I drift off. My alarm goes off at 3:30 AM and I turn it off and look at my screen I see that the same number has called me over 16 times in the past three hours! Five messages are left, all but one of them are 2-6 seconds in length and are background noises and music of undetermined origin, though I think it sounds like it could be mexican music. The one message that is longer a full 10 seconds is a man speaking something that I think is Spanish, but is so extremely mumbly and slurred that I can’t really be sure. While I was getting ready for work he called another four times. The four hours I was at work he called me another 14 times! This is nearly fourty times that he has take the time to dial my number less than 12 hours! This brings me to what I would like to say to this complete tool if I could.

DUDE! What is your freaking deal?! Even if this wasn’t a wrong number, which if you listened to my voicemail message the first time you called you would know, calling someone thirty-four times in nine hours is the very definition of STALKER! This brings me to my next point. If you were given this number by someone you had an interest in dating chances are they gave it to you because you gave off super stalker-ish vibes and if I were them I would have given you the wrong number too. If on the other hand you thought this was the number and you misdialed the first time I pity you for not figuring that out within the first 10 calls you placed. You suck for not only calling so often but for calling between the hours of 12:30 AM- 9 AM as this is time I could have been sleeping!!!!
I don’t have much else to say at this point because my brain hurts from lack of sleep and the annoyance of my phone vibrating every 20 minutes. I would answer it, but seeing as how I don’t even know what language you speak and I don’t know anything but a little bit of French I don’t see this doing much good.

Well I am off to the gym to work off some of this frustration. Just had to share how I started my day with you all so you could feel better about how you started your own.
Peace and bacon grease!


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