Halloween Toes

So today was the perfect type of day to do some nail painting and because my Candy Corn Toes came together so well I decided to keep my October/Halloween focus going.
I grabbed my darker, Sinful Colors Courtney Orange and my black nail art pen and hit the couch. First, I gave my toes a quick clear base coat then followed with the orange. Once the polish had dried I added tiny little bats to each nail using my pen by making two wide v-shapes connected in the center and putting a small dot in that center spot. I did one bat on each small toe and then several on the big toes of each foot. When I was done adding my bats I felt that the toes weren’t quite finished so I added a black tip to each toe as well. After the bats and tips had dried I finished with a clear top coat.

My BF said he thought they were adorable so I guess that is a win. What do you think? Do you like my new little winged friends?


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