Living With Me. His Rebutal.

So in the spirit of equality I have given my BF the opportunity to respond to my post about living with a man.  I think it is only fair that I give him his say.

In all of the years we have been together these are the list of his top ten things I do that drive him crazy.

10.  She tries to throw out my stuff.  I don’t care if I haven’t used it in a year or 10 years I have it for a reason and it is not to be tossed without my approval.

9.  She moves my stuff and doesn’t tell me where she put it.  I swear I can never find anything in my own home without having to ask where she moved it.

8.  She gets super upset at me when I do something, but it is okay for her to do it.  She complains about picking up after me all the time, but leaves her stuff all over the place.  Sure I leave my share of random trash sitting out, but when I do it, it becomes a federal case.

7.  She constantly complains about how much she has to do and when I tell her to not do it she complains because if she doesn’t do it, it just won’t get done or it won’t get done “right.”  Just because it is not how she would do it does not mean that it isn’t done properly.

6.  She throws the covers on to me during the night because she gets too hot, then blames me for stealing the covers in the morning.

5.  She is always too tired to fool around.  Never mind that she just spent two hours at the gym on her own accord; that is suddenly my fault so I get the grouchy looks and snippy attitude.

4.  Everything that was once mine is now hers.  The entire apartment can be re-arranged on any given day and all of my things moved or removed and I have no say in the matter.

3.  I have to clean up all of my hobby stuff immediately after using it, but her crap lays around for weeks.  Not that I care if it is sitting out, but she likes to complain about the mess.

2.  She is constantly blogging about our personal life without asking me.  No offense intended, but I don’t like people knowing my business.  I think she over-shares a lot of things that I find personal.

1.  Did I mention that she complains a lot about everything.

I have to give him credit, this list is very true.  I do all of these things and on some level what I find the most annoying about his little habits is probably because it is the stuff that I do that I hate that I do.  I am always harping on having to pick up after someone, when I let stuff pile up all of the time.  Thank goodness we love each other enough to know that when we are crabby and get miffed with each other it doesn’t mean much in the long run.  I guess that is what loving someone means, though.  You care so deeply for them, as a whole, that even the stuff that reminds you of your flawed and inadequate behaviors can become acceptable.  It’s like those old couples that have been together so long that they start to look like each other.  Does that mean I will get taller or that my BF will get shorter?

What do you think?  Am I completely neurotic?  Do you subscribe to the idea that what we dislike in others is really what we dislike in ourselves?  What do you think your partner sees as your biggest flaw?  Should we play the newly wed game and find out?

Thanks for reading!


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