Living With A Man

Otherwise known as picking up after a man.  I know that over the years I have done my fair share of mess making.  Ask my ex-BFs and you will hear what an untidy slob I was in my 20s, but really, who wasn’t a slob in their 20s.

My BF and I moved in together a few years in to our relationship, which puts that around four years or so ago.  He had been re-bachelored, i.e. divorced, for about six years when we met and from what I have heard of his ex from his friends, family and daughters she wasn’t quite a housekeeper.  My BF is also a self-admitted pack rat.  When I moved in I had to go through his old stuff in the closet to make room for my things and I can not tell you how much junk had to be sorted and thrown out to make that happen.  Over the years I have slowly and methodically gotten rid of the junk; both his and mine, so don’t go saying that this is a bag on the dude post.  Though, I must say that I had very little in the way of junk after having moved on my own so many times before and with only my little Ford Escort hatchback to move with.  I miss that car.  Man, that thing was a mule.

When you first move in with a man you forgive a lot, just like when you first start dating someone and ignore all the little things that may eventually come to annoy you.  Luckily, my BF doesn’t have a problem putting the toilet seat down, but I have lived with ex-BFs who could not comprehend that when your naked butt hits the ice-cold toilet water in the middle of the night you have a tendency towards violence.  When you first move in though, you may politely or even jokingly mention that he needs to remember such a thing.  You may even continue in this jocular vein for the next twenty or thirty times that you have to remind him, but eventually that s%*t stops being funny and starts really ticking you off.  This will happen for a lot of the things that he does that he just can’t get through his head that bothers you so much.

Don’t know what to expect or want to see if your list matches mine?  Well, I have compiled some pictures that will explain exactly what I mean.  Enjoy!

All of his hobbies have become part of the decor. Does it really matter if some of them smell like fish? Nah.

The rule is: If you empty it, throw it out and replace it. This goes for paper towel rolls, toilet paper, milk cartons, hand soap. Of course this almost never happens.

No matter how often I clean his side of the sink always looks as though it has been freshly used. Don’t even get me started on the splatter of water spots on the mirror.

For years I had no proof that I was not the one who steals the blankets during the night. That tugging that he was feeling was me trying to get a corner back after this had occurred.

This was considered an acceptable garment to wear until I threw them out last week. Note the large and rather gaping holes at the waistband and the pocket.

Just so you all know, this is not a serious post.  I love my BF, flaws and all.  I do get irked by all these things, but only let them really get to me when I am having one of my bad days.  I guarantee most women who live with a partner have a list of these little petty grievances.  Perhaps I will give him the opportunity to rebut this list with a list of things that I do that drive him nutty as well, in the spirit of fairness and equality.


5 thoughts on “Living With A Man

  1. Haha.. we all have our quirks with our men! I’m fortunate to live with someone who is the most particular, minimalist kind of guy.. I am definitely the slob in the relationship, though I’m sure I could write up a good post of things that bug me anyway! 🙂 Like when he cooks, he has to make a huge a mess of the stove! no matter what is cooking, it’s splattered all over the place.
    Yet, his laundry is always clean, clothes always folded and put away, everything in his hamper (sorted into whites, darks, and delicates. Seriously, I could learn a lot from him. lol.

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