A Typical Saturday

So you may ask yourself, what goes on during a typical Saturday workout at Christen’s house?  Okay, so you probably aren’t asking that, but I am just going to tell you anyway.

So I wake up around 9 AM and make breakfast for my BF and I and sit down to check my email and what not.  I give my food plenty of time to digest and then I start my workout.  Today was P90X Plyometrics and I, being the genius that I am, decided to add 100 Burpees, a set of push ups, crunches, planks, the Ab Ripper X routine and an extra set of bicycle abs.  So basically I went from this…

My Saturday Workout

to this…

As you can see the handwriting just isn’t the same after an hour of jump training.

I hate jump training, but I love jump training and those Burpees were a great added bonus.  I highly suggest adding some jump training into your workout routines.  It may be high impact, but it helps you build up cardio stamina. and works your whole body.  You can also modify the moves if you have bad knees to bring down the impact.

What do you think?  Is high impact training too rough on your body?  Do you enjoy jump training?  What do you find works your glutes and thighs better plyometrics or weight routines?  I myself like to incorporate both during the week to get maximum results.  Hit me up and let me know.

Thanks for reading!



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