Things That I Love

I know this list is going to be boring and super generic to most of you, but I woke up today and realized that it is my favorite time of the year and all day I have been doing things that I love so I am going to add making this list to my day because making lists is one of my favorite things to do.

First off it is October.  I love October.  October to me is THE fall month, which is my favorite season and is therefore a two-for.  It has tons of my favorite things in it, cooler weather, yummy and delicious foods and soups, Halloween, boots, fall leaves changing colors, that amazing smell in the air.  Ahhhh.  So October is currently number 1 in my book.

Fruit and Nut Medley is number two right now.  I shop at Costco once a month to get the bulk necessities, like toilet paper and laundry detergent and whatnot and it was years ago that I discovered the Kirkland brand Fruit and Nut Medley that comes in a giant bag and gives me tons of my fav dried fruits and roasted nuts to eat on a daily.  I could probably eat a bowl full a day if I would let myself.  I mean, next to grapes this is something that I could eat myself sick on every day and never get tired of it, ever.

Speaking of things that I love and would gorge on if I allowed myself, Skinny Cow ice-cream bars and ice-cream sandwiches are the DEVIL.  I would add the chocolate lovers snacks, but I am not allowed to buy them anymore, because my BF will eat four or five bags in one sitting which kind of defeats the purpose of buying lower calorie, snack packs.

My Netflix Instant Queue.  Yes, I set it up and it is all of my picks and choices so really I should say I love my taste in movies and tv shows, but it is all there just a click away at my fingertips on my queue thanks to them.

Rogue’s Chocolate Stout Pint.  I tried it last night and I love it!  Plus it goes really well with my Fruit and Nut Medley.


My gym time.  This is almost all the me-time I get anymore now that I am working so it has made me love my butt-kicking workouts all the more.

My porch.  Because fall is coming and that weather change is hovering in the air I love my porch right now.  I don’t even care that I am letting the bugs in by leaving the door open because I could sit and breathe in that fresh, crisp fall air all day.

My Bon Appetit magazine subscription.  I just got my October issue in the mail the other day and I would have to say that half of the pages are folded down on the corner, the recipes just begging to be made and devoured.

Fold down the corners of all of the things!

My baby girl Emma.  Okay so she isn’t a baby, in fact, she is quite the opposite.  At 15 years old she is in her elder years and yet every day she grabs a toy and brings it to one of us.  Granted she only plays for about 15 minutes before she is exhausted, but she is still so full of that puppy like love and gumption that she always brings a smile to my face.

Come on! She is a great dog! You can’t get much sweeter than this face!

That is my list of things I love today.  I would add my BF in there, but that goes without saying.  Maybe I will do a list of things I do not like, but I hate to focus on the negative for any length of time.  It never does any good.

What are some of your favorite things?  Do you love the fall too?  Maybe you have a snack you just love and can’t get enough of or a book series or show you could watch over and over.  I’d love to hear about your favorites.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Things That I Love

  1. really digging pumpkin pie spinach smoothies right now; sounds strange, I know, but they’re so so so good after a great lifting session

  2. #1 I love lists like these because they put me in a good mood and make me think happy thoughts!
    Rouge Beers are delish – we don’t carry them at the bar, but that will probably change soon. I would probably give my right eye for one might of sampling all the yummy fall beers we do have, though, but I don’t want to risk a gluten flair up or making an ass out of myself in public 🙂
    I love old dogs! I still call mine Puppy even though she is elderly and senile. Her idea of playing is rolling around on the floor growling while I try to pet her, but I like that game anyway.

  3. Emma is a dear 🙂 You remind me that I still need to buy boots – my old ones are worn right through and I’m so picky that I’ve been shopping all September and haven’t found a pair I like!

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