I Am A P90X Graduate! End of the Final Phase with Progress Pics

Well it has been an interesting 90 days.  I have to say that it feels like a lot longer than just three months to me.  I guess that is because so much has been going on here at home.  New job, that big trip to visit my family, my emergency dentist visit and all the everyday stuff in between has just added up to make me feel a bit stressed and out of control, but thankfully aside from missing one day of actual workout time due to a new work schedule and odd hours, this has been a real success.

My last check in was at the end of phase two and headed in to my final phase of the program.  The last phase is longer than the first two by about two weeks and I began it right as I headed to visit my family for a week in Charlotte.  In my post on the crazy busy week I spent with them I mentioned that although I wasn’t able to do all of my workouts in order, due to the insanity of my family and their ultra hectic schedules, I did get a workout in every single day and upped my hours of working out dramatically by adding in two-hour sessions at the gym twice that week with my little brother and several hours of yard work with my mom at several of the properties that they are fixing up to sell.  So I may have not kept to the exact program that week, but I made up for it by sticking with an entire weeks full of workouts that were equal to, if not higher impact than, what I would have done with the program that week.

When I got home the following week I came back to the program with even more energy and began writing out the set lists for the weight routines and doing them at the gym here at our complex.  I also doubled the sets.  This meant that where I would have done lower weight, 5-8#, one-hour weight lifting sessions at home with the DVDs I instead hit the gym for higher weight, 15-20# and even higher with barbell work, two-hour sessions that kicked my butt.  I also started my new job that week, but because I was only training, it was really easy to fit in my workouts and still keep up with all of the household chores and blogging.

The third week to now has been one giant crap shoot.  I went from training that first week to nearly having over-time the next three weeks in a row and still found time to hit the gym and blog a little.  Well, up until last week that is and that is when I had to throw my blog under the bus.

After the whole, emergency route canal thing that I had a few weeks back, I had to go back and get the thing finished up this last Friday and that whole day I was a mess.  It ended up throwing me way off schedule and I miss one day of my workout.  I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but I was actually really upset with myself for having to take an extra rest day so I made doubly sure to plow through the remaining week with no missed days, no matter what.  Even the day of my super long shift at work that was to be followed up with Yoga X that night was stuck to and I was very proud of myself after I finished.

So enough of this yammering on about all the crazy B.S. in my life and on to my RESULTS!  Well, as of this morning I am at 120.2 #, which makes my BMI somewhere around 21.29.  I have still not had my body fat percentage checked so I have no way of knowing how correct these numbers are, by the way.  These numbers are only an estimate based on my height and weight on the Wii, which I still say is not very accurate, but can give you a good place to start.  My overall weight loss since I began the P90X system is none, BUT I have a feeling my stagnation in that department has more to do with building muscle and losing fat at the same time.  My inches are also at a stand still with my thighs coming in at 22″, my hips (I measure below my hip bone though because that is where my I like my pants to hit) at 31″, my waist is still at 26″ as well, but I will let my pictures be the proof of my hard work. Overall though since February I have lost a total of 18 pounds.

Here I am at the beginning of my fitness journey in February.  I started with the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs and lost a good amount of the “weight” on that program.  I will be slipping a few of those workouts back in to my new routine until I can decide on a new challenge.  I am thinking about INSANITY.

Day 1, Back

Day 1, Front

Here I am after finishing the Brazilian Butt Lift program and right before I took on the full-time challenge of P90X.

Week 20 Back, after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20, front After 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20, side after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20, Abs and Arms after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

So as you can see I made big changes in those 20 weeks, but I was looking for more of a challenge and I had always been a bit disappointed in myself for not having done the P90X program the way it was meant to be done and finishing.  Here I am today after having finished the program.

End of P90X, back. I am wearing the same clothes that I did in the first picture I took back in February.

End P90X, front. I am wearing the same clothes as in my first pics back in February.

End P90X, side

End P90X, abs and arms.  Better lighting makes all of the difference.

End P90X, shoulders and back

Now lest anyone say to me that I am getting too muscular and am in danger of not looking feminine or pretty I have two pictures that say otherwise.

This is a dress that my BF bought for me because he loves how I look. Fit is the new skinny.

I dare someone to tell me that I don’t look feminine enough because of my muscles. Lifting ladies unite!

So there are my results.  I am going to continue working my butt off mixing my P90X weight routines and my BBL cardio and leg routines until I make my decision about my next program.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.  What program do you think I should do?  Any questions about my progress so far?  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “I Am A P90X Graduate! End of the Final Phase with Progress Pics

  1. Way top go girl! So freakin hot!!! I really like Insanity; I use some of the workouts for my bootcamp. They kick your but real good 🙂

  2. “Not feminine”?! Are you kidding me? The best part about fit girls is the lack of any sagging 😀 I’m really impressed by how toned you are, I’d love to try workouts too but I just don’t have the time 😦 Congrats on all your hard work!

  3. Kick ass results! I too am a grad but didn’t achieve near the results you did. I am definitely going to giv BBL a try. As for Insanity, it is mostly cardio based (don’t think that’s what you will want) Might look into Les Pump or Body Beast.

    • Thank you for the heads up on Insanity. I’ll have to check into those other programs and see what the deal is. I’m definitely looking for cardio, but am interested on building muscle as well. I am really happy with my P90X results, but I have to say I probably wouldn’t have done as well if it wasn’t for my bloggy-buddies egging me on to do higher weights and my little brother taking me to the gym and helping me with my lifting.

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  5. OMG!! I LOVE that dress on you!!!!
    You totally look feminine.
    And I wish my hubby would buy me a dress because he liked how I looked. Geesh! You totally rock–now I know these are about a month old now, and I wanted to say I can see a difference between your back in these as compared to todays. You have improved!!

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