Is it Official Now?

Here is a nod to my lifting ladies, marthalicious, idrankthecfkoolaid, winetoweightlifitng.  I am proud to announce the arrival of a few new friends that came to stay with me a few weeks ago.  I had meant to introduce you earlier, but my life got a bit hectic.

Say hello to my little friends…

That’s right ladies I can officially say that I have calluses on my hands!  Woohoo!  Now granted they are not big ole manly calluses, but considering that most of the time I wear my yoga gloves to the gym, because I have sweaty palms and no one wants to touch the weights after me, I think they are pretty cute for a beginner.

Just had to share a quick pic before heading to work today.  Tomorrow is a legs and back day and I can not wait to spend a few hours in my favorite place.  Here is to lifting heavier, though I am not on par with the ladies I mentioned above.  They rock my world!


11 thoughts on “Is it Official Now?

  1. Way to go! Your newest accessory!
    Thanks for the shout out as well.
    I’m glad you’re finding fun in the world of weight lifting. The calluses are part of the handshake into our secret society 🙂
    You just gave me the best idea for my new club/cult.

    • Thank you! I swear it isn’t that I am too girly to have calluses but only because of my cold, clammy hands of death that I wear them. I’d get the shots to make them stop being sweaty, but then I’d just end up being sweaty somewhere else. LOL!

    • Awesome! I am not really focused on doing any competitive lifting or anything, but I highly admire those that take on that challenge. And I am no where near the level of my lifting lady-friends that I mentioned. It just feels good to pick up heavy things. I think it helps me gain focus, and release some frustration all while building muscle. Cardio can only do so much. Thanks for stopping by my page! I can’t wait to check yours out.

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