One Last Hurrah Nails

Summer is coming to a close and fall is fast approaching and so comes the time that I must put away my sandals and bring out the boots.  I hate to see my flip-flops go, but I am really excited about boot season so I guess at best I am conflicted.  These may not be the last toe designs I do this season, but I know it is down to less than a handful until next spring.  I hope you like them.

Are they zany and a bit goofy? Yes, but then so am I.  Basically I did my base coats and a light pink polish then went over the nails designing as I went with my light purple and white nail art pens.  I finished, as always, with a clear top coat. 

Here is a darker shot.  I know the lines are imperfect, but trust me, I am not letting anyone get close enough to my feet to tell me about how my lines are uneven.  I like the two colors and I like my designs and from a standing position they look really neat and distract from my ridiculously dry skin.

When do you stop getting your toes-did?  Any hard and fast rules out there that you want me to know?  I usually stop when it gets cool enough out that I don’t want to wear my sandals anymore, but I am willing to take suggestions.

Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “One Last Hurrah Nails

  1. Those are adorable!! I am not a pedi person, I’ve gotten them done before, and I just don’t like people digging around in there.
    I do paint my own, but generally only once or twice over the summer and then if I have to go somewhere fancy, I paint them again. I don’t think the man cares either way, so once sandal season is over, I don’t stress 🙂

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