New Hair!

So as I mentioned in my post about my vacation I got my hairs cut while I was out in Charlotte.  Here are the before and after pics. 

Well? What do you think?  I like it and it certainly has more body.  It does cut down on my ability to braid it all crazy like I was doing before, but It feels a lot healthier and lighter too.

Let me know your thoughts. Thumbs up or grow it back out?


6 thoughts on “New Hair!

    • Thank you so much! I love my long hair, but after a while it just gets to be a lot to deal with and doesn’t like to do much except be put up in a bun or braid. I like options. 😀 Bangs are great, but they can be a pain if you have oily skin like me. I have to wash them daily whether I want to or not.

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