Playing With Color: GREENS

Hey faithful blog followers.  I don’t know if you have noticed this, but when it comes to my make up looks I try to keep them neutral.  I don’t add a lot of blues or greens to the mix very often, even though as a red head I can.  Just to switch it up a bit, I am going to do just the opposite.  Today I am devoting an entire post to green!

Here we go.  Get your face, cleaned, moisturized and primed and meet me in front of the mirror.  I have already added my concealer and am ready to start the color play.

I begin by using my Covergirl Turquoise Tempest eyeshadow.

Normally, I would tell you to start with a lighter shade on the inner eye to the outer, but because I want to keep the shades vibrant I start by applying the darker tone to the outer corner of my eye.  Use a heavier hand at the corner and apply lighter and lighter towards the inner eye.  I am doing a full lid application, but if you are shy with bright colors you can apply from the lash line towards the crease only.

Once I have finished my application I am going to lighten my inner eye with a bit of Covergirl Kaboom Kelly.

I start at the inner corner of my eye and apply this color liberally as I sweep it across towards the middle of my lid.  The colors will start to blend a bit, but that is fine.  For this look you don’t want clean breaks in the colors.

I add a bit of dark brown liner to my outer lash line.

I also smoke the bottom of my eye with the same dark brown.

The last color I am going to add is Covergirl Golden Sunrise.  I actually had not intended to buy and use all Covergirl products, but sometimes it is hard to find good color blends in vibrant tones when jumping between product lines.  I use all types of products and am not trying to sell you on Covergirl.  By all means, find colors you like from any manufacturer that you wish to purchase from.

I apply a small amount of golden sunrise to the very corner of my inner eye to add a bit of pop

I then follow with my white liner pencil on my water line to open up the look.

Finally I add a bit of mascara to finish the look.

Here is the finished look under the ugly halogen bathroom lights.

Here is the look under indirect outdoor light.

Here is a close up of the look in indirect outdoor light.

Note that not every one is going to be able to do green eyeshadow.  Pick a vibrant color palette that works for your skin and hair color.  Blues, purples, greens; really any gem tones that you want to play with should compliment color, not steal the spotlight.  Enhancement is the key.

I hope you like this look.  It isn’t for everyone and I wish I had a better camera to show you these application processes, but if I had a nickel for every time I wished I had better equipment, then I would have enough money to have better equipment.  😀

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Playing With Color: GREENS

  1. I can’t even tell you how many shades of fun eyeshadows I have.. nor the last time I even wore eyeshadow 😦 lol
    I do use eyeliner daily, but for some reason, that extra step of eyeshadow just makes it so difficult in the morning lol. Are you a natural red-head?

  2. Christen, this eyeshadow tutorial rocks. I had never heard of adding the white pencil on the water line to make them pop. I don’t have white pencil, so I’m going to have to get one. I really really like this one. Your eyes look amazing this way.

    PS–I got my nails done with the Gel-ish nail polish. Have you ever used that?

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