P90X Phase 2 Complete! Update and Pics

Hello all you fitness junkies out there!  I am checking in at the end of week eight of my P90X challenge.  This is the end of phase two and it is a tough one.

I would have to say that these past four weeks have been the toughest I have had since the beginning of my journey back in February when I started with the Brazilian Butt Lift.  I feel like I have hit a wall.  I am gaining muscle, but it feels like it is at a snail’s pace.  I am also hungry 24/7 again.  The need to feed is near constant even though I am ingesting a crazy amount of fiber and water to keep myself full.  I don’t know if it is hunger out of necessity and I should give in and eat more than my 1800 calories a day or if I am just hitting a plateau with my diet and my body is trying to get me to fall off the wagon.  Either way it will get what it wants this week as I am leaving to visit my family in Charlotte.  There is no meal plan when I am visiting my folks and although I will be taking my P90X DVDs with me and will be doing my workouts along with a possible trip to the white water center, I know that I will not be able to strictly control my intake like I do at home.  If you had ever had my Mom’s cooking you would understand that when I say there will be no control, I mean it.  Dang that woman can cook.

Here is where I am today.  I am still at 120lbs down from 135 when I started in February, my natural waist is still measuring in at 26″ down from 29″, my hips are 31” down from 37″, my thighs are 22” down from 25″, my arms are 11″ down from 12.5″ , my neck is 12” the same as when I started.  So I am down a total of 13.5″ from February to now which is good, but I am not really loosing inches anymore.  That just adds to the list of things that are irritating me, though I am not gaining any weight or inches so I should not complain.

I think now is that in between stage where I could easily fall off the horse.  Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen.  I am committed to staying fit and healthy.  I think my plan of attack is to add more weights and cut down on the reps.  I have stayed around 15 reps per move when it comes to arms and I am pretty sure I need to find a weight that challenges me to do 8 reps instead.  I am going to start incorporating heavy weight leg reps at the gym as well and I have also joined a little social app called Fitocracy, where I can chat with other fitness nuts to get motivated and to give me advice on how to build and sculpt myself into a tight, calorie-burning machine.  If you are interested in checking out some of my workouts or my progress you can find me there under my cjackplay user name.

If you have any suggestions or fitness advice, I’d love to hear it.  Drop me a line and let me know your favorite workout moves or diet advice.  Yes, I know everyone is all Paleo and Whole30 now, but I don’t like to limit myself too much because that always brings me around to failure.  I am an eat reasonably and you can’t go wrong kind of gal.

Here are my progress pics from this past four weeks.

Again I am including February start day pics and pics from eight weeks ago before I started P90X phase 1 for comparisons.

Day 1, front February 2012

Day 1 back February 2012

Week 20, front After 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20 Back, after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20, side after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

Week 20, Abs and Arms after 5 months of Brazilian Butt Lift

End Phase 2 P90X, front relaxed and letting it all hang out, but standing straight.  No slouching.

End Phase 2 P90X, back. Again relaxed but with good posture.

End Phase 2 P90X, side.  Reaching up but not flexing.

End Phase 2 P90X, shoulders and back, flexed (Well, duh.) and standing directly under the overhead hideous halogen lights, EW

End of Phase 2 P90X, abs and arms.
The Beach is that way. HA!

I am getting closer to my goals and comparing the progress pictures has helped me realize that I am continuing to get stronger and build muscle.  I just have to maintain my focus and up my game a bit to see bigger results.  By February of next year I want to be able to run a 5K and do 10 pull-ups with no assistance.  I think I can see that through.  Again any motivation you can provide would be greatly appreciated folks.
Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “P90X Phase 2 Complete! Update and Pics

    • Something has got to give here. I was up 4 LBS this morning! UGH! I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough and now I feel like I am eating too much. This would probably be easier if I had a body fat reader at home so I could tell if I was gaining muscle or just over eating. I am making my scrunchy grr face right now.

      • If you’re seeing physical progress, then don’t worry about the number!!! I gained 8lbs since December.. and I don’t care! I think you read my posts, and I’m frustrated cause now I’m losing a little weight.. and I feel like I’m going to lose the muscle I worked hard for :\
        Have you ever seen this post?

        It’s a bit of a read, but I idolize this girl. Scroll down to the section titled “Staci Now”. In one pic she is 11lbs heavier than the other, but looks way more fit!

        You’re probably just getting muscles, Christen!!

      • 🙂
        My BF sent me that article last year sometime and I was mad.. like I felt he was trying to tell me I need to workout cause I wasn’t looking good enough. But a few months later, I read it again and was just so inspired. I wanted to look like her and do the things she does!

      • Yeah, she looks great! I am hoping it is muscle. Crossing fingers. LOL! I should just stop checking my weight altogether, but I just wanted to see what the change to my diet was doing. Hmmmm. Stupid scale.

      • How are you eating? I haven’t found what works best yet for me, and it’s frustrating 😛
        But just look at your starting pic compared to your most recent pic side by side. And tell me you’re still mad.. the pics totally trump the scale number!

      • I know, I know. I have to stop with the numbers and just pay attention to how I am feeling. The only problem I am having with my diet is I feel like I am constantly eating and not feeling full. I am eating something like 50 grams or more of fiber and not feeling full. It is freaking me out. Maybe I am just not drinking enough water. My protein has stayed the same and I am trying to keep my sugar and carbs lower than I used to, but I upped my calories from 1800 to 1900-2100 when I do my lifting and that should mean that I am still burning. I don’t know what I am doing right/wrong. It is tough even when I am tracking everything.

      • Okay, I wrote a long post but it ate it.. lol.

        I don’t count fiber as a goal; when I was tracking it was mostly to make sure I getting more protein/fat than carbs, and that my carbs were mostly fruits/veggies. Do you use an online tracker?

        Try a week of cutting out the grains and see how you look/feel. If you google Paleo before/after pics, there’s some awesome transformations based on diet alone.

      • Yeah, I use an app on my phone that can scan bar codes to get the nutritional info for the food, then I just input my portions and voila! I will have to plan a grain fast when I get back from my trip next weekend. There will be a need to reset after visiting my family. 😀

      • Good luck! I thought I’d die without oatmeal, pasta, bread, cereal, rice.. but it’s not that bad..! (but I do allow myself those on the weekends) It’s true that they say you stop craving them.

      • I am feeling better now that I have read that article. THANK YOU! I realized I am like 70% paleo dieting right now. HA! All I’d have to do is get rid of my double fiber sandwich thins and dairy, which are two of my favorite things. 🙂

  1. I just placed your before and after pics side by side and WOW! That is one lifted boo-tay! What an inspiration! I ran my first 5K this summer and did the c25k program to train. It was SO easy that way and even kind of fun (and I despise running). It’s a free app. Have you considered joining a CrossFit gym for like 6 months? Just to do something different? I loved my P90X but only lasted through phase 1. It was hard for me to do by myself, but CrossFit really keeps me pushing myself like nothing I’ve ever done before. I’m not the best inspiration though cuz I’m still a fatty and workout 5x’s a week! Have you tried taking Raspberry Ketones as a supplement? My friend takes them and swears it “melted right off.” She does barre classes and is really pleased with her toning. Don’t stop! Keep it going! You are doing so great!

    • I haven’t tried Raspberry Ketones. I will have to do some research on that because I am looking to add supplements in to my diet. There has to be a reason I am so hungry all of the time. I mean I will have just fed the beast and I am still looking for more food. Ugh.
      I am thinking of doing CrossFit at some point. It will have to wait for a few months though because I want to know where exactly we will be living before I commit to a gym. Having no car kind of sucks.

  2. I am so proud of you!
    It just goes to show how amazingly quick progress can happen when you buckle down and get the job done. You look fabulous – you are leaps and bounds ahead of the learning curve when it comes to body transformations and you should definitely be pumped to rock that bikini!

    • HA! I am. I just wish that I was making giant progress still. It is tough to go from a quick progression to slow and building progress you know? Still looking to get legs like yours though. I gotta start heavy squat rotation soon. 😀

      • Dude you have excellent legs. But heavy squats and deadlifts really are miracle workers. I think your progress is still pretty quick – it starts getting weird when you’re not seriously overweight anymore, at least in my case. And you obviously weren’t seriously overweight from the get go so to be where you are today is pretty fantastic I think.

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