Because Fitocracy Didn’t Have My Exercises

I decided to do a quick post and give you my set list here.  HA! I know, you could find it elsewhere by searching the P90X workout guides, but I have decided to make it easy for you.

First if you don’t know what Fitocracy is you should check it out.  Think Facebook meets your local Gym.  I downloaded the app for my iPhone after reading about it on one of my favorite blogs,  Thank you Martha!  You can log your workout for the day and share it with your friends, gain points, get props, etc.  Okay now onto my workout today.  Today was the Plyometrics Routine.  I like to call it A%& Kicking Jump Training Day.  Here is the list of moves per set.  Each set is done twice and each movement is for 30 seconds except for the fourth movement of each set which is done for a minute.  There is a 9 minute warm up to start and a cool down period at the end that I think is mostly there to keep you from hyperventilating and passing out.  Here we go.


  • Jump Squats – stand with feet shoulder length apart.  Bend your legs, keeping your knees from going over your toes and drop your butt to the floor (basic squat) Now come up from your squat and jump into the air getting your toes off the ground then land back on your feet toes first rolling back down till your full foot is on the floor and go back into your squat.
  • Run Stance Squat-  stand with your feet split apart like you are going to go for a run, one foot in front and one foot in back.  The toes of your front foot and the heel of your back foot should line up if you look between your legs.  Now perform the squat then raise up, then squat, then raise.  On the forth squat you jump and switch your feet so that your back foot is now in front and your front foot is now in back.  I know crazy right.
  • Airborne Heisman-  Stand on one leg lifting the other into a bent knee, kinda like a Heisman trophy, but more upright.  Now jump to the opposite side placing the airborne leg on the ground and lifting the other leg up to the bent knee position and hold for one beat.  Jump back and forth lifting the non support leg knee towards your chest and using your arms to balance.
  • Swing Kicks- Find a chair or stool.  One leg at a time sweep your leg over the top of the stool placing that foot on the ground on the other side of the chair then swing the other leg over to meet it, then sweep the leg back to the other side.  Right, left, left, right, right, left, left, right.  This being the fourth movement of the set is a minute long instead of 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the set from the first movement.  Once you have finished you get a 30 second break to catch your breath.

Current heart rate: 132 BPM

Set 2

  • Squat Reach Jump- basically the first set squat jump, but this time you start in the squat with your fingers touching the floor and when you jump you reach into the air above your head, then back to touching the ground.
  • Run Stance Squat Switch Pick Up-  Your run stance squat but you jump and switch your feet each time.
  • Double Airborne Heisman-  The Airborne Heisman with a double tire in between each side.  So lift leg, hold, then tire, tire, then hold the Heisman on the other side.  Then back to the first side.
  • Circle run.  Place your towel on the floor in front of you.  Run in a stationary circle around the towel clockwise. Stationary circle meaning that your upper body does not move.  It stays facing the front and your hips and legs move in a circle around the towel under your body.  After 30 seconds switch to running counter-clockwise for the remaining 3o seconds.
  • Repeat set and then rest for 30 seconds.

Current heart rate: 170 BPM

Set 3

  • Jump Knee Tuck- Stand with feet shoulder distance apart.  Jump in the air with your legs only.  Basically put your hands out at your waste and jump your knees to your hands.  Jump at regular beat intervals for fifteen seconds then double, so two jumps per beat, for the remaining fifteen seconds.
  • Mary Katherine Lunges- lunge with hands in the air over your head.  Jump and switch your feet, while keeping your hands in the air.
  • Leapfrog Squat- with your legs wider than shoulder with squat down as far as you can.  Hop forward twice, then backward twice.  Repeat for thirty seconds.
  • Twist Jump- Holding your hand in front of your body like you have ski poles in them jump and twist right, center, left, center, right, center, left center.  Making your toes point in those three different directions, while your upper body stays pointed forward.  Do this for thirty seconds.  Then jump in 180 degree movement to face the back wall to the right then back to the front for the next 30 seconds. (On set two you can jump to the left and then back to the front OR in full 360 degree circles.)
  • Repeat set and then rest for 30 seconds.

Current heart rate: 178 BPM

Set 4

  • Rock Star Hops- facing a 45 degree angle jump and raise your heels to your butt, while holding your back arm straight out, like you are holding a guitar and strumming the strings in a large circle with your front hand. Switch on 15 seconds to face the other direction and switch arms. On the second set you will double up like you did with the knee tucks from the previous set.
  • Gap Jump- leap from one side of the room to the other spin on the opposite foot and leap back to the other side.
  • Squat Jumping Jack- start with your basic jumping jack then bend your knees and do it while in a squatting position.
  • Military March- for one minute start with left arm over your head and right arm down and toward the back of the room.  Lift the right leg and then drop both the left arm and right leg, keeping them straight the entire movement, while raising the right arm over your head.  Then raise the left leg and repeat.  Think tin soldier movements or that British soldier with the funny hat.  This movement is to be made slowly and smoothly with your legs and arms straight at all times.  Get your legs and arms as high as you can while maintaining good form.
  • repeat set and rest for 30 seconds.

Current heart rate: 150 (this is mostly because the power went out for a second halfway through this set and I had to wait for the DVD player to come back online before I could continue.  It gave me time to catch my breath and my heart rate slowed way down.  Normally I would be at 180 BPM by now.)

Set 5

  • 180 Degree Run Squat Jump- Take the run squat jump from earlier but jump 180 degrees to face the back then back to the front.
  • Lateral Leap Frog Squats- In leap-frog squat position jump laterally from side to side. Left, right, left, right.
  • Monster Truck Tires- Jump from one leg to the other while lifting the opposite leg up like you are jumping from tire to tire four to the front and four to the back for thirty seconds.
  • Hot foot- Standing on one foot jump in the form of a cross for thirty seconds, front, back, side, side, then switch feet and repeat for thirty seconds.
  • Repeat the set and rest for 30 seconds

Current heart rate: 164 BPM

Bonus Round

  • Pitch and Catch- for thirty seconds pitch, big league style, then squat to catch and then back to pitch.  Switch sides and continue for another thirty seconds.
  • Jump shot- step out to catch the basketball from one side then jump and shoot with the opposite hand.  Thirty seconds on each side.
  • Football hero- jump laterally and forward in a Heisman stance from foot to foot four times then high knees backwards for a six count continue for one full minute.

Current heart rate: 180 BPM

Cool down time, or as I like to say catch your breath and pray you don’t vomit time.  So that is how I spent an hour of my day today.  Thank the lord I won’t have to do that again for two whole weeks!  HOORAY!

So if you made it this far and you don’t think this sounds all that bad, good on you!  It was and continues to be a tough one for me.  I don’t know if that is because I am not doing enough cardio or if it is because I push a little harder each time.  The only thing I know for sure is I am definitely going to keep pressing play!

Thanks for reading!








7 thoughts on “Because Fitocracy Didn’t Have My Exercises

  1. I want to do Fitocracy so bad but since the P90X and P90X2 moves aren’t built-in it’s super tedious/annoying 😦

    I found this doc ( that tries to map the moves to Fitocracy moves to P90X moves – but i need P90X2 moves too. Any advice/tips?

    • Hey Chris. Thanks for the link. I just had time to quickly skim through it and it looks to be as close to what I have used when I input my workouts for P90X. I haven’t tried P90X2 yet. I am currently doing a mix of TurboFire and lifting, but there is always spring to get back on the P90X train. 😀 My suggestion is to type in the closest equivalent move to fito and use that even if it isn’t dead on. For my Plyo days I always typed in different jump squats and jump lunges and just kept track of how many I did of each. Unfortunately it always turned out to give me higher points when I typed in the individual moves than when I just used the General P90X routine that Fito has listed, which runs about the same in points as the Boot Camp routines.
      Thanks for reading!

      • Yeah – I hate the idea that I’m not getting full points in Fito – so I’m going to try to enter the moves as best I can for now.

        I currently am a religious user of the LoseIt app as well – which also has me entering daily exercise,calories and occaiisional weight changes – so Fito is currently a bit of redundancy for me. But LoseIt doesn’t have the social/community aspects that Fito seems to have so I’m going to try both for a while and see how that goes. Honestly I wish LoseIt and Fito would merge – that would be the best!

        Good luck w/your TurboFire/lifting. I’m a big Tony fan and have never been able to tear away from his programs so P90X2 is all I do these days.


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