Part Three of The Three Faces of Too Faced In Your Dreams: Seductively Smokey

Too Faced: In Your Dream Collection

Hello and welcome back!  Today is the conclusion of my three-part product trial and review for Too Faced, In Your Dreams Collection.  We finish this series with the Seductively Smokey set.

The eye colors of this set from left to right, bottom row, Seduce, Dream On, Full Moon.  The cheek color is named You Hold The Key and the lip gloss is titled Heart On.

Step on, according to the directions on the interior of the collection, is to apply Full Moon from the crease up the brow bone to your brows.

Next, you are to “press” Dream On on your lid.

Then, you are to blend the color lightly up the brow bone.

Once you have blended you are to apply Seduce to your upper and lower lash line and blend well to create a smokey look.

The direction for applying the cheek color for this look is to blend You Hold the Key into the hollows of your cheeks.

Finally you are to finish your look by glossing your lips with Heart On.  I once again applied mascara to my upper and lower lashes to finish my look, though it was not mentioned in the directions of the collection.

Here is a close up of the finished look under interior lighting.

Here is the finished look under interior lighting.

Here is the finished look under indirect natural light.  It was a bit overcast so it is a little darker than the first two natural light pictures, but you get the idea.

This look took about 20 minutes total.  More than the other two, but then it had more application steps.  The colors are shimmery and the look is great for a sultry evening look.  The colors are long wearing though, especially if you use a primer, and will not need much touch up throughout the evening.  I would not suggest this look for a day time affair due to the super rich, dark colors.

My only complaints with this look are again, the gloss is super sticky and not long-lasting and Dream On can be a bit of a problem to apply without getting flecks of it on your cheeks.  My suggestion is to use a tissue held against the cheek and under the lower lash line when applying the color to your upper lid to keep this from happening.

Here are the three finished looks in natural light again for your comparison.

I hope you have enjoyed this three-part product trail and review.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Thanks so much for reading!


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