Part Two of The Three Faces of Too Faced In Your Dreams: Feminine Flirty

Too Faced: In Your Dream Collection

My last post demonstrated the first set of the collection called, Natural Beauty.  Today I will be demonstrating look two, Feminine Flirty.

The eye colors for this set from left to right, middle row are Fishnet, Swing, and Pink Peacock. (Of course this will be reversed in the real, live product due to the mirror effect of the camera, but they are labeled so you wont have trouble figuring it out.)  The cheek color is named, Girlie Show and the lip gloss is called Pink Ice.

Your first instruction is to apply Pink Peacock to your lid.  I would suggest applying only from the interior corner across three-quarters of your lid, stopping before the outer corner, you will see why in a moment.

Your next step is to apply swing to your crease as well as your outer lid.

I applied the color with a thin brush and then followed by with my blending brush.

This is why I suggested only using the lid color on your partial lid.  You will have to use more of your contour color on the corner of your eye just to get it to show up if you have already coated your lid in the light pink color.  If you don’t use the pink on the outer corner you will have a much easier time applying the contour.  Blending well will fix any harsh line issues.

To finish your eyes, apply Fishnet to your upper and lower lash lines and then use a blending brush to soften the lines.

The next step is applying Girly Show directly to the apples of your cheeks.

Your final direction is to apply your gloss, Pink Ice, to your lips.  Again, no further instructions are given, but I applied a coat of mascara to my upper and lower lashes.

Here is a close up of this set under interior light.

Here is the finished look under interior lighting.

Here is the finished look in indirect natural lighting.

This look took slightly longer than the first to apply, but only by a few minutes.

The staying power is just as good as the first look and, once again, most of the colors are shimmering.  This look would suit an evening out or perhaps a nicer day time occasion.  Again, my only problem with this collection, so far, has been the lip gloss.  The gloss is sticky and doesn’t have much staying power, though the colors are very nice while they last.
Join me for my next post and for the grand finale of the collection, Seductively Smokey.

Comments and questions are always greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading!


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