The Three Faces of Too Faced In Your Dreams: Natural Beauty

One of my favorite things to buy when I am able is makeup.  I don’t wear much makeup these days, as I am home with only the dog to keep me company and have no real reason to doll up on her account.  When I do get the opportunity to try out a new look I usually like to try a set.  It’s one stop shopping for your entire face and takes all the guess-work out of color coordination. This year for Christmas I added a few new sets to my wish list and my wonderful mother sent me one of my requests.

Too Faced: In Your Dream Collection

Over the next three posts I am going to demonstrate the three looks of this collection and give you my opinion of the product as a whole.

Close up of the colors.

Today is look one, Natural Beauty.  The eye shades from left to right in the picture above top row are Rapture, La Cage and Silk Stockings.  The cheek color is called Wanna Play? and the lip gloss is named Give It Up.

The interior of the set has instructions on the opposite page from the colors detailing how to apply each look.

For this look you begin by applying Silk Stockings to the lid.

Next you are to apply La Cage in the crease.  I used a thin brush to add this color.

I then followed by blending the color slightly with my blending brush.

To finish the eyes you are instructed to use Rapture on “your upper lash line and extend outward.”

The next step is applying color to your cheeks.  You are supposed to use Wanna Play? on the outer apples of your cheeks only.  I applied this color using my angled blush brush.

Finally you are instructed to finish the look by applying Give It Up to your lips.  There is no further instruction, but I took the liberty of applying my mascara to complete the look.

Here is a close up of the look under interior lighting.

The finished look under interior lights.

The finished look under indirect outdoor light.

As you can see this look is very natural, as claimed in its title.  It is understated and simple and would work for a daytime or work look.

The colors are all mostly shimmering so if you are going to be outside you will have a bit of glow coming from your cheeks and eyes and the colors all seem to have good staying power, especially with my eye primer applied.  The only negative note is that the lip gloss is pretty sticky and doesn’t last very long.  When I wear this look I hardly ever add the lip gloss just because I don’t like the feel of it, but my lips have so much natural pink pigment that I don’t wear much lipstick to begin with.

Overall the first set works well and can be worn for at least eight hours without much touch up, as long as you aren’t sweating profusely, but that is the same for most makeups.  It took about fifteen minutes to apply and the instructions we simple enough for even a makeup novice to follow.

Join me again on my next post for look number two, Feminine Flirty.

Any comments or questions?  Please let me know.  I’d love to get your feed back.


10 thoughts on “The Three Faces of Too Faced In Your Dreams: Natural Beauty

      • I did try bare minerals, but it caused me to breakout so I stopped using it. 😦 I know, strange, but my skin is really sensitive. I do love e.l.f., mostly because of their price point, but they do have great colors. 😀

      • I have sensitive skin, but I feel like the commercials in saying my skin looks and feels better with using it. odd that it made you break out 😦
        That must be difficult for you to try new things because of how sensitive your skin is! I tend to find something I like and just stick with it.

  1. This is a lovely look and it looks great on you! I’ve had great experiences with Too Faced palettes. I’ll definitely stay tuned to see how the other looks come out!

  2. I am such a sucker for make-up kits – I love having everything organized in one place so I don’t have to start taking creative liberties – that tends to get scary.
    I have never heard of the too faced line before! I will definitely have to check it out.
    PS, as always, it looks just gorgeous on you!

    • Thanks doll! You will love Too Faced. They have always have nice little kits and I especially love their seasonal kits that they do for limited times around the holidays. I am a sucker for pretty packaging though, just ask my BF. HA! Typical girl. 😀

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