Parchment Cooked Salmon with Steamed Green Beans and Sauteed Mushrooms, Served Over Brown Rice

If you have read a few of my recipes then you know that I love salmon!  I love salmon so much that you may be getting sick of seeing me make it, but I am going to do it anyway.  😀

One of the main reasons I love salmon is because you don’t need many ingredients to make salmon taste good.  As long as you buy a quality filet the taste will be lovely even with just a little salt and pepper to season.  Another reason I love salmon is that it is quick to prepare.  My recipe today is very quick and pretty simple.  Here is all you will need to make the entire meal.

Salmon filets (Any size you like, any quantity you like.  I made two small to medium size filets.)

Green Beans (As fresh as you can get as much or as little as you like, I used less than two cups worth.)

Mushrooms (I used six medium size white mushrooms, sliced.)

Fresh Dill (A sprig or two)

Butter (Unsalted about two and a half tablespoons total, but you will be dividing this up.)

Garlic clove (I used one very large clove, minced.)

Sea Salt (You can use Kosher as well, but less of it.)

Fresh Ground Pepper

Lemon Juice (fresh is best.)

Olive Oil (You can use this to replace the butter as well, but I use a slight amount of it for the mushrooms.)

Soy Sauce

Brown Sugar

Brown Rice (I used Minute Rice)


Here is how I made this meal.  I didn’t do step by step pics this time, but it is pretty simple so I think you will be fine.

First you want to preheat your oven to 400 degrees, which I believe is about 204 degrees centigrade/Celsius.

Next you want to dice up your garlic and clean and slice your mushrooms.

If you have never cleaned mushrooms before, you just want to rinse them in cold water as you use them.  Don’t soak them in water or wash them and then store them.  Once you have done this you can use your fresh dill as a sprig or you can finely chop it like I did.  I used my knife to remove most of the stem and then just lightly diced my dill.

I took my parchment paper and cut two sheets to package my salmon filets individually.  I placed a piece of salmon on each sheet and then I added some of the minced garlic, a small pat of butter, the fresh dill, a little salt and pepper and a small amount of fresh lemon juice.  I then wrapped up my salmon into a little packet to be place in the oven.

The best way I have found to create a packet is to take the two longest sides and bring them up to meet above, in the center.  I then take those two side and begin to fold them over to one side like you are making a paper fan, but only going in one direction, not back and forth.  Keep folding down until you reach the top of the salmon and then take the two ends and fold each under on each side.  This should create a nice little package for you.

I then place these little packets on a foil lined cookie sheet to place them in the oven.  The salmon won’t take longer than 15 minutes to cook.  I suggest checking it at 10 minutes just to make sure you don’t over cook them.  It all depends on the thickness of the filet.  As you can see, this filet is not very thick and 15 minutes was a bit long for it, making it slightly dry.  Next time I will check it at 10 minutes and will continue to cook it only if it is still pink in the middle.  (Some people like it a bit raw in the center, but I like my fish fully cooked.)

While your salmon is cooking you can prepare your veggies and rice.

Minute Brown Rice only takes about 5 minutes to prepare according to the directions, but I gave myself extra time with it and began that first.  I boiled my water then added my rice, returned to a boil then covered and set to low.

Once the rice water was on its way to boil I started also started my water for my green beans.  Again these only take about five minutes or less to steam.  I had put my steam tray in the bottom of my pan and added water to just beneath its surface.  Once the water was boiling, I added my beans covering and reducing the temperature to medium high heat.

Finally, I pulled out my saute pan and added a bit of olive oil, maybe a tsp.  I heated my oil over medium heat and then tossed in some garlic.  Once the garlic started to release its fragrance I added my mushrooms and a pat of butter.  I sautéed my mushrooms like this for a few minutes, checked on my rice and removed it from heat.  I then returned to my mushrooms and added a bit of soy sauce, maybe a half tbsp and about a tablespoon of brown sugar.  I continued to sautée for a few minutes more.  I removed my beans from their steam tray and placed them in a bowl adding a small pat of butter and a little of the remaining fresh garlic and a pinch of sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper.  I then finished my mushrooms with a little salt and pepper as well.  The Salmon was finished cooking a minute later and dinner was ready to be plated.  This whole dinner was maybe 20 minutes in the making and was delicious.  I highly suggest this for anyone looking for a quick and healthy meal.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.  Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Parchment Cooked Salmon with Steamed Green Beans and Sauteed Mushrooms, Served Over Brown Rice

  1. This is a totally gorgeous meal. I was curious about those mushrooms, because I love mushrooms, and those looked good. I have never tried brown sugar and soy sauce on mushrooms. SOME day, I’m going to work from home (or part time) and when I do, I will do a lot more cooking. This is such a HEALTHY meal! If you lived nearby, I’d hire you as my personal chef (because I have seriously been thinking of hiring someone for this, but I’m not sure I have the money 🙂 . ..)

    • This meal isn’t too time consuming, but I know it is hard to put in a full day at work and then come home and cook dinner. When I was working full time the meals started to get less and less inspired. Spags, chicken, steak, spags, chicken, pork chops. It was a real downer.

      • I’m impressed you made meals at all. I used to make meals sometimes but since my husband chooses not to eat until nine (and I like to eat earlier), its depressing to eat alone. He then would take his portion of the meal at 9 pm and commence to dumping it in his salad. No matter what it was. So, between being tired after work, and this, I haven’t been making too many meals. I’m not complaining. 🙂 I’m just giving you my excuse. 🙂

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