What The Tuck?

Today I am going to show you a quick way to do two braided updos.  One involves braiding your hair up from the bottom of your head and the other involves a regular french braid.  I am going to begin with the bottom braid.  If you are new to french braiding I suggest you take a peak at my first braided hair tutorial, Side French Braids, where you can get a quick lesson on the basics.

Sorry I am off-center, but I am bent at the waist. 😀

You should begin by bending at the waist and sectioning your hair, as if you are doing a normal french braid.  You should use larger sections than normal so that when you get to the middle of the back of your head you have all for your hair gathered into the braid.

When you have braided all the length of your hair and tied it off you want to tuck that braid down into itself, through the top.  Once you have completely tucked your braid you should pin it into place.

And you are done.  Just fix the front however you like and you are good to go with style one.

Depending on how fast you braid, this style can be achieved in less than 15 minutes.

For style two, you simply reverse the direction of the braid.

Regular old french braid.  I did this very quickly and with large sections.

Once you are braided and tied off, simply tuck your braid under itself from the bottom and pin.

I have seen this style done for weddings and it is one of my favorites.

Once again, style the front how you like.  If you have nimble fingers, you can create this look in less than 15 minutes as well.  Even with my stupid fingers I was able to do this is about 15 minutes.  😀

Well, there you have it, friends.  I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!  Have a wonderful day!


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