Queen Of Hearts Nails

Now that I have gotten all that blue out of my system I figured it was time to play with a new color base, black.  😀

This one was so simple.  I base coated my nails, then I added a dark black/red polish.  I say black red, because there are little red glittery flecks in the polish that the camera didn’t really pick up in the shot.  I apologize for the lack of picture quality.  Maybe someday my ship will come in and be filled with Nikon cameras and lenses, but until that day we will all just have to make due.  😀

After my black/red polish was dry I added the hearts, with my red nail art pen, by beginning with a little red triangle.  One I had the triangle to the size and placement I wanted I added the tops of the hearts by swooping two little half-circles to the two base points of the triangles.  If I was doing this on someone else I would have gone with a more swoopy, less symmetrical looking heart, but alas, my left hand does not want to be as artistic as my right.

I added my clear top coat and allowed my nails to dry.  I love this look and will be repeating it as often as I can.  Perhaps I can do a white polish with different colored hearts sometime soon, but that will have to be after I play with all of my new nails pens at least once.

Hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for reading!


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