Heidi Braids How To

First question, you wanna do this the hard way or the easy way?  Neither way is too difficult, but one has just a little more styling involved than the other.  Let’s start with the “hard” way, shall we?

Start with your hair parted as close to down the middle as you can all the way from the front to the back.  If you have side bangs, like me, just leave them to the side you part on normally and then starting just behind them part in the center.

You want to start a french braid on the back of the first side.  Do this up towards the top of your head so that you can braid you way down and towards the front of your head.  Just use the typical french braid technique that we discussed in my Side to Side Braid/Updo post and my Side French Braids post.  Find a way that works best so that your fingers are able to move through your hair without creating lumps of tangles.

Continue french braiding your hair down and towards the front of your head, by your ear.

Once you get your ear you are going to start french braiding up again towards the crown of your head. and then lay the braid across the top of your head.  You can tie off the ends with an elastic band if you want and if your hair wont stay on top of your head, just lay it by your ear neatly so it doesn’t get too messy while you are working on the other side.

Repeat the process for side two.

With braid one on top of your head pull braid to up and tuck the ends of each braid under the opposite braid to hide them and then pin each side to secure.

The back on this one is nice and neat.  This is the only difference between the two, by the way, so you choose which style you like more.

That is the “hard” way.  Nothing to it, so you know that the easy way is a breeze!

Now for the easy way.  Starting at the bottom of the side or your head begin braiding upwards towards the top of your head.  Not a french braid, just a regular simple reverse braid.  The only difference between a regular braid and a reverse braid is you instead of pulling the hair over the middle strands you want to pull the hair up from underneath.  In other words, cross your side sections under your middle section instead of over. Once you reach the end of your hair tie the section off and repeat the process on the other side.  Then just pull the braid over the top of your head and pin the ends under the opposite braid, just like the hard way.

Can you tell the difference? Bet you can’t.

Now you can see the difference.  This way is a little messier, but faster and easier.  You decide if the clean look of the hard way is worth the extra effort.

Have questions?  Feel free to ask.  Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “Heidi Braids How To

  1. Half the reason why I’m growing my hair long is so that I can dabble in braids! Yours are so cute! Will you move in with me when my hair gets long and be my personal hairdresser?

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