Flower Nails

Sorry they are not super clean, but I was in a hurry and didn’t want to screw around too much and end up messing one up.

Because I was going out-of-town to visit my family and celebrate my nephew’s birthday I decided, at the very last-minute to match my nails with my toes. This was a few weeks ago and I meant to post earlier, but it just got lost in the shuffle so I apologize. I base coated and then added the electric blue color then I waited until the nails were completely dry before adding my flowers. I used my new silver nail art pen from my blog trade with Bethany from Project White Space and drew the little petals on by making a rounded triangle for each petal. I then followed by with my blue pen and added the little center lines to define each petal. Once the flowers were all drawn on I tipped each nail in my blue glitter polish to add a little pop then I added my top coat and let them dry again. Not bad for a rush job. 😀

My toes. A flower on each big toe and a two wave set on all the others.


One thought on “Flower Nails

  1. I live what you have done here! Your nails are so fun! I was inspired by you and painted my nails blue last week, btw.

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