Side to Side Braid and Updo

Braids are this seasons hottest hair trend and I am in love with them. It probably has something to do with the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, but since I have no cable, haven’t read the books, or seen the movie, I would just be speculating.

In a past post I showed you how to do side french braids and today is all about taking your braid clear around your head from one ear to the next and I have two options for you when you reach the other side.

Here we go. Start with your hair brushed out so that there are no tangles. If you have tangles you will not be able to keep this style from looking messy.

Begin at the front of one side and section off three chunks of hair one at the top, one in the middle by your ear and one at the bottom or below your ear. Start your braid by pulling the top piece over the middle, then pull the bottom section over that new middle section.

Just like you did with the side french braid you want to add new hair to each top and bottom section each time you do the cross over. Again begin with the new top section. Add some new hair from the top of your head to this chunk and then pull it over the middle. Then, add new hair from the bottom of your head to your bottom chunk and cross that over your new middle section. Each time you cross add more hair to the top and bottom and weave your way to the back of your head.

Now comes the tricky part. Once you have reached the very back of your head you will want to change the position of your arms to the other side of your head. Don’t lose track of which piece is the top and which is the bottom or you with mess up your braid. My suggestion is to hold all three sections in between different fingers. Use your first finger and your thumb for the bottom section, your second and third fingers for your middle chunk and your ring and pinky for the top section. This way when you move your other arm around you will know which pieces are where. It may sound simple, but your mind may play tricks on you.

Again begin by adding more hair to the top and bottom and weaving towards the front of your head. You will want to keep the braid relatively tight to your hair-line so that it doesn’t begin to fall out or lose shape.

If you want to keep your hair down, when you reach just behind your other ear you will want to add hair from the BOTTOM of your head to the top chunk and hair from the TOP of your head to the bottom chunk so that your braid will still be seen. If you keep adding hair the other way the new hair that you add will cover the braid as you add it and end up looking odd.

This could be your end result if that is the look you want. However, if you are going to a fancier affair or just feel like dressing this up a bit I will show you how to turn this style into an updo. Go back to the step where you are right behind your other ear and continue with the original pattern of adding top hair to the top section and bottom hair to the bottom chunk.

Make sure that as you braid you keep your hair as tight to your hair-line as possible and finish by braiding straight out in front of your face.

Take the end of your braid and tuck it in under your hair, pinning it when you have achieved the desired look.

If you have long bangs you can pull those off to the side and use them to cover the area where you have pinned your braid to your head.

Here is a picture of the back.

And here is a shot of the starting side

One technique and two unique styles. I hope you give them both a try. 😀 Please let me know if you do!


6 thoughts on “Side to Side Braid and Updo

    • Thank you for the comment and stopping by. 😀 I like that this way gives you a few options to how to wear it and that if you put it up carefully and feel like taking it out later in the night you can do that too. Nothing worse than having an updo start to come out during the night and have no way to fix it.

      • yeah true…iam rocking it to work now..and i have just turned the heads…uuuuuu thanks to you girl you are one life are welcome darls…i learn a lot from your blog….:)

    • I am just lucky that it has gotten long enough to do that sort of thing. I am going to need a cut here soon though, because it is getting a bit too long for me to handle all the time. I will at least get the layers cut back in and clean up the ends. 😀

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