Week 20 Fitness Update

Hey there everyone!  I am stoked to announce that I have made it to my goal of 120 pounds!  Next goal is the unrealistic 115 pounds that I was in high school.  It isn’t that I don’t think I can hit 115, it is that I might start looking really emaciated if I do go lower.  I know it is the only way to really thin out these thighs of mine, but I am wondering if looking like a skeleton from the waist up is worth it to have my thighs look normal.

I take after my mom’s side of the family as far as body shape is concerned and according to my mom the pear shape is just part of that genetic gift.  That is fine though, it will just take more time and effort on my part to work out my trouble areas.  I am a patient person, sort of.

So I am down to a good healthy goal weight and have taken another inch or so off all over, which is awesome.  My metabolism seems to be working for me instead of against me.  I have included lots of whole grains and high fiber breads, cereals and snacks to keep me full and have made sure that I am getting enough fat, proteins and sugars to keep myself energized and not cranky and I am drinking a ton of water.  So much water that I am getting up two to three times a night to use the bathroom, which is kind of a pain.

This past four weeks have been all Brazilian Butt Lift with the added day a week either being a rest day or a running day.  That would have started just before my last fit check in at week 17.  Yesterday I ran two miles in 20 minutes, my fastest time since high school and then biked an additional 3+ miles in 15 minutes after that and my legs were really feeling the burn today, but I didn’t let that stop me from doing an hour of P90X Kenpo.

I am not much of a runner, but if I am going to do the next Warrior Dash with my family then I am going to have to get used to a good run along with all of my other activities.  It is great to have a goal like a marathon or fun run or something more exotic like the zombie 5k obstacle course called Run For Your Lives in which several of my buddies from Cali are taking part.  I don’t know if I could participate in that though, because the whole zombie thing really creeps me out!

I’ve also taken to video taping my workout sessions to check my form.  I don’t tape every single session, just every once in a while to keep tabs on how I am doing.  It is a good way to make sure that I am not cheating myself, by slacking off or not isolating the areas I should be focusing on.  It also helps me to see if I am making good progress with the workouts.  If I had a mirror that was big enough I would just watch as I worked out, but alas I do not so I use my laptops webcam to record instead.  I immediately delete the files though, so don’t ask if I will post them, because that just isn’t going to happen.  I have made big improvements to my form because of this and I feel like I have increased the difficulty of several of my routine workouts just by making slight changes to my form, so I am suggesting this to anyone who has a mirror or camera.

Here are my updated pics.  As you can see my upper body is not the problem here as it seems to make visible improvements each week.  Stupid legs!  Get with the program!

Super sweaty right after my workout. I took a shower immediately, hence the two different outfits.
Week 20 Abs and Arms

Week 20 Back

Week 20, front

Week 20, side


13 thoughts on “Week 20 Fitness Update

  1. I think 120 lbs is perfect for your body! Don’t worry the number on the scale; just look at how good you look and feel! I’ve gained almost 10lbs since Christmas, but actually look way better than I did since some of the fat went away and all the muscle got packed on.
    Congrats on your goal!

      • As another skinny gal, I can understand.. I loved being 119.. like that was my weight I always wanted to stay at forever and ever cause it was a nice number on the scale. Then I seemed to stick to 123 for awhile.. still, a more than comfortable weight for my height (5’7″).. but now that I’ve put on some more weight, I’m right around 130 and love my body so much more!
        I love that you post your progress and I went back to your earlier posts, and wow, what a difference you’ve made! Keep up the awesome work and I’ll look forward to keeping up with your progress! (Just know that muscle does weigh more than fat.. so personally I’d stick to building muscle than losing it! 😉 )

      • I totally get you. I guess my real issue isn’t with the number but more with how I loose weight. My boobs go first, which is typical, then my face thins out, which usually leaves me looking a little gaunt. After that my upper body is pretty quick to come along for the ride. The only place that resists is my lower body so I have to decide whether I really need my thighs to be less than 22″ because to do that my upper body and face are going to look pretty dang skinny. I’m hoping the muscle helps with that this time around though. 130 sounds great for 5’7″ if not a bit on the light side. 119 sounds model skinny to me, which more power to them and all, but I love me a sandwich now and then. 😉

      • I have the same problem as you – being bottom heavy 😦 at 119, I was running a lot and eating anything I wanted (but still had those pesky thighs!).. but I’m eating way cleaner now but it almost seems like gaining more weight has been better for the whole pear-shape issue; like my body is becoming more proportionate. I know no woman wants to GAIN weight, but having no boobs and all butt/thighs (as I had!) just wasn’t really the shape I wanted. By lifting weights and dropping a lot of the cardio, I think my body has just started to mold into the shape it’s supposed to be.. like the top half is starting to balance out to match the bottom. Does that make sense? 🙂
        I’m taking updated progress pics Wednesday, but if you’re on Jefit.com you can check out my latest ones and my 22″ thighs lol (username is jlhudy).

      • I will check that out! 😀 I have also been adding more weight routines, though I still do my cardio at least three to four times a week too. My blog friend martha84 is into lifting and she totally got me into the whole weight thing. It’s a little addictive, I have to say. I think most women have trouble working out the lower body. It’s our curse or something. 😀

      • I follow her too and love reading her blog.. she cracks me up. I ran across your blog through hers 🙂

        Weight lifting is awesome.. and I hate running and cardio.. so it totally works for me! Very empowering, too!

    • It was a tough battle and it took longer than you would think, but once it reset to burn mode I was a happy camper. One of my biggest suggestions is not skipping breakfast EVER. Even if it’s just a piece of double fiber toast. You have to feed that beast first thing to make it behave the rest of the day. Thanks do much for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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