My First Blog Craft/Product Trade

This is super exciting for me you guys!  I did a post a while back about how to recycle old leather belts by making them into bracelets and Bethany over at Project White Space commented that she would be interested in somehow getting  a bracelet from me.  You should go check out her page!  She is an amazing motivational blogger.  She always has great advice and really wonderful stories on her page and even does interviews with other bloggers, asking them how and why they do what they do.

Well, back to our story.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my art works and crafts I am reluctant to put a price tag on them.  For me, this is for two reasons.  One, although I love the art that I create, I find it difficult to figure out how to put a monetary value on these pieces realistically.  Just how much would this be worth to someone else?  Two, I worry that once I have sold something to someone they will perhaps find fault in the work somehow and complain and then I will feel horribly for charging them anything.  To solve this little conundrum Bethany proposed that, instead of performing a cash transaction, we should do a trade; product for product.  This seemed much more appropriate to my traveling gypsy side and so we decided to barter my bracelet for some nail art pens.

I got her wrist measurement and after the long haul of moving from Oregon and unpacking I began to work on her bracelet.  I ended up creating two different bracelets for her because I couldn’t decide if she would like a more traditional plain bracelet with laces or a fancier snap button bracelet with a threaded design.  Once I had finished the bracelets we exchanged addresses and sent out our respective packages.  I just got mine a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to tear them open.  Here are my new toys!  😀

I am so stoked right now!  I can not wait to get some nail painting done later today and try these puppies out!  The only problem that I foresee at this point is that I may not be able to decide which colors to use and go WAY over board on the designing.  😀

This whole process has been loads of fun for me and I can not thank Bethany enough for coming up with such a wonderful idea!  Go check out her site and see the bracelets that I made for her and tell me what you think.

I hope this gives you all some ideas as to places you can take your blog and the great things that can come out of meeting new and interesting people.  Thanks for reading, now I am off to paint.  YAY!

Just a quick update. Here is what I did in about 2 minutes with my new toys. 😀


10 thoughts on “My First Blog Craft/Product Trade

  1. Ack! I read your post from my phone this morning, and you didn’t have that last picture up. I love the decorations!!!! I’m so glad you could use them and I’m surprised that only took you 2 minutes. I hope you like all the colors. 🙂 thanks for doing this with me–it really was a lot of fun. I had such a great time writing that post and linking up with you. 🙂

    • Just added this pic this morning after I had a minute to drink my coffee, so no worries! This was fun. We should do one for Christmas and have everyone do an ornament designed around their neck of the woods and send those around to different places. How cool would that be?

      • I was actually thinking about arranging something like this, so we are thinking the same. We could each post an image of the ornament we received and link it to the blogger who made it (or had it made). That would be totally cool. Maybe we should do it right after thanksgiving so that people would have the ornaments for their trees (or houses) for the holidays, plus if we scheduled it then, it wouldn’t be getting into the really crazy busy time. 🙂 Lets talk on facebook.

  2. I just came from Bethany’s Blog. What an awesome idea regarding the trade. How fun that must have been for the both of you. BTW, I love your bracelets, they are way cool and so creative.

    • Well thank you! I had a blast doing this trade. It certainly has given me plenty of ideas for more opportunities in the future. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And blog friend of Bethany’s is a blog friend of mine. 🙂

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