Week 17 Fit Check: Pictures

My last check in was at 12 weeks and I was about to start packing up the apartment and move to Nashville.  We have been here for a few weeks now and I have been able to catch up on my workouts.  Of course unloading and unpacking was quite the workout itself.

Before we left I tried to fit in a work out a day until the Pod arrived then I focused solely on loading that puppy up.  That took about 9 hours straight on the first day of its arrival and then another couple of hours the next morning to finish the job.  I wasn’t able to workout at all during our four-day road trip to Nashville, but I had assumed that to be the case from the get go.  I did, however, pack a set of 8 Lb. weights, two different weight resistance bands and a set of resistance loops in the car along with my P90X DVDs and my Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs.  That ended up coming in handy after we arrived at our new home, because the pod wouldn’t arrive for another 10 days, we had no TV, no internet access and only a queen size air mattress for furniture.

Thank the lord for those DVDs.  They kept me sane and gave me something active to do on a daily basis.  I basically did two hours of exercise a day for the first week that we were here, to make up for the four days of road tripping.  Then I scaled back down to an hour a day for the remaining three days before the pod arrived to make sure that I didn’t injure myself before the unload.  I didn’t exercise the next three days because I was unloading that pod in 80+ degree weather with 60% humidity by myself during the day.  My BF helped with the unload when he got off work.  It was enough of a workout to cause me to lose about a pound a day, even though I was eating crazy amounts of naughty food; pizza, sonic burgers, chick-fil-a, etc.  After I got the apartment mostly set up I started back on my hour a day regime.

Since last check in I have lost another 4 lbs and 3” all over.  My thighs have finally started to shrink as I have lost 1/2” off of each of them, though I haven’t really noticed a difference.  My BF says that my eyes are in denial about what I have actually achieved and he may be right, for once. (JK)  I haven’t had the time or money to go get my body fat percentage checked, but our Wii Fit says that my BMI is around 21.48 though I am not sure about the accuracy of the program.  Here are my week 17 result pics compared with my Day 1 pics.

Day 1, Front

Week 17, Front

Day 1, Back

Week 17, Back

Week 17 Back and Shoulders

Week 17 Abs (the difference in color is because it is from a different camera. I am not nearly that tan yet. LOL)

So what do you think?  Is it time for me to get a heavier set of weights for my arms?  Does any one have any suggestions as far as how to tailor my regime to help me get the weight off of my legs?  What are your favorite lower body work out moves?  Hit me up and let me know.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 Fit Check: Pictures

  1. The only thing that has ever helped my legs is long distance running accompanied by watching what I eat (of course). I don’t have anything else to tell you than that–but I think Nashville hosts one of the Rock and Roll marathons, and I totally wanted to do that last year or the year before but I wasn’t ready. Are you much of a runner?
    I think you look great! In fact, I am so impressed with your results, that I would love to do a bloggy interview with you and turn it into a story on my blog if you are up for it?

    • You know, I am not that big on running because I have bad knees, but I am starting to add it in to my workout routine. My Brother, Sister and their significant others just ran the Warrior Dash in North Carolina this past weekend and I want to be able to run it with them the next time they do it so I will be starting my marathon training soon. 😀
      I think I found the box with the leather to make you your bracelet yesterday, but I will have to let you know after I get a chance to go through everything today. YAY!
      I would totally do an interview with you. Do you just want to PM me on facebook and tell me what you need?
      Thanks for the compliments and suggestions!

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