Our New Apartment

So when I last left you I was about to start unpacking the Pod, which had just arrived.  Well as of today I am 95% unpacked and set up.  I took yesterday completely off from unpacking and instead went “fishing” with my BF and his buddy and kids.  It was a good time and I got a lot of sun.  Not to worry though I had my SPF 50 on so I was well protected.  I put fishing in quotes because the boys were fishing and I was sunbathing and making conversation with the kids to keep them from having a boredom breakdown about an hour and a half in.

So here is the latest information.  I am in love with our new apartment, except with the bugs and spiders that seem to be EVERYWHERE down here.  Usually the two things that will determine whether I like a home/apartment or not are the kitchen and the bathroom.  The place could have giant closets and huge bedrooms and living spaces, but if it has a tiny, uncomfortable kitchen or bathroom I will be miserable.  I like to have room to breathe while I am cooking.  I think I have mentioned before that I use that time as stress relief and I like to be able to dance and sing along with my Stevie Wonder playlist while I bake so the kitchen has to have some space.  Likewise, I love to take baths and soak away stress while listening to a podcast or catching up on a TV show that I missed, so it is imperative that the bathroom be roomy and comfortable with a nice size tub.  Our new place has both, as well as nice size living areas, bedrooms and closets with the added bonus of a wrap around porch for Emma.

Our kitchen on day 1

Our kitchen now.

Our bedroom still needs a little work, but it is comfy and after 10 days on an air mattress we have no complaints.

They had me at large tub. Our master bath the day we moved in.

Our little view from our wrap around porch.

Our lovely little living room. I still have more work to put in here, but I have made progress and that is all that matters.

This apartment cost a little more than I would have liked, but our three-month lease had a lot to do with that.  (Not to mention that this apartment blows our last two apartments out of the water as far as I am concerned.)  We didn’t want to be pinned down to a place for a long time never having even seen it and my BF is pretty insistent that if we stay in the area for any length of time then we are going to be moving into a house.   He likes his privacy and though we haven’t had any issues as of yet with any of our new neighbors I can see how living in such close proximity may be not be completely ideal.  Plus, we could probably find a place with a little acreage and a yard for the same price we are paying now or maybe even for less.  I am just going to stay in denial about having to move so quickly once again.  Four months wasn’t long enough for me the last time and I am pretty certain three months may make me lose my mind.  Of course, we are not completely unpacking this time around so we have that going for us.  Our second bedroom is basically storage right now.  Normally we would turn it into an office/guest room, but due to the possibility that we may have to move again so soon we are going to pass on unpacking the office until we get to our next (and hopefully) long-term home.

So far I am enjoying the area, and the BF seems to be way happier here than he was in Portland.  Emma is stoked that she has new smells to discover and an AC to remove the humidity from the air down here.  I can’t wait to get into the Nashville scene and see what downtown has to offer.  So far we have only been to one bar for a beer and to listen to a little live country music, which was really awesome and made me want to see more.  If any of you have been here, or live here and have suggestions on places or things that I should check out, please let me know!  I will keep you all updated on anything new and cool that I can find and learn.



3 thoughts on “Our New Apartment

  1. You will love living in Nashville! That town is awesome! Though, I can’t remember any of the places to give you recommendations, sorry.
    But your apartment looks great, and I really liked your porch. I’m glad you got a big tub–ever used epsom salts for soaking after a hard workout? You should try it in your new tub.
    Ok, so you didn’t unpack your office, but apparently you unpacked your computer? Or maybe just a laptop?

    • I have some bath salts that I use for after a tough workout that has Eucalyptus, Rosehips and Chamomile. It has that weird icy hot effect that is hot and cold almost all at once.
      I can’t wait to go exploring. Maybe I will have some time this weekend. I am really looking forward to the live band action that is so big down here. When we lived in SoCal I wasn’t in to the idea of driving an hour to go downtown to see a show, but here it seems more like you can walk from bar to bar and check out whats happening. Plus I think they have a train that goes down town, but that only seems to run commuter hours right now. Maybe that changes in the summer.
      Right now I am using our laptop and my BF has a computer at work. He doesn’t need our big computer yet, but if he does he can just plug it in and connect remotely through our laptop. Computer geeks, right? Gotta love them.

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