Our Super Long Roadtrip from Oregon to Nashville

Where do I begin!  I feel like I haven’t blogged in months though it’s only been a few weeks.  I have missed my new community so very much.  It has been a rough few weeks, but I am glad to say that I am back.  Of course, our pod full of stuff does arrive sometime today so I must be brief and may not be able to post for a few days, but at least you all know that I am not lying in a gutter somewhere, right?

We finished packing the pod a day early due to my awesome over planning and the fact that my boyfriend wasn’t working and could help me with the packing up.  So, YAY for that we decided that we would leave on Friday as soon as we finished putting the last few items in the pod and got the car packed up for the road trip.  I had been able to plan out enough clothes for a week for each of us, plus a few nice work shirts for my boyfriend to make it through a few days at the new job until the pod could arrive.  So total we had a suitcase full of clothes and shoes, a small carry-on case full of toiletries, our large queen size air-mattress, our small ironing board and iron just in case the work-shirts got mussed on the drive, a bag full of individually measured bags of dog food and treats, a cooler full of snacks, the lock box of important documents, the laptop, a space bag full of towels, change of sheets, pillows and blankets, my exercise mat, weights and workout DVD’s, a bag of dog toys and of course Emma, my boyfriend and myself.

Of course Emma had the most comfortable seat in the entire car because I had set the space bags on the back seat topped with my super thick workout mat topped with some dog blankets and then we put the safety hammock on top of that.  Oh how I wished I could have joined her in the backseat for a little slumber.

All saddled up and ready to go.

We headed out a little after 12:30 PM that afternoon and grabbed some lunch on the way through Hillsboro.  I didn’t know this at the time, but we were going to be making a bit of a detour through Bend to stop by my boyfriend’s mother’s place to pick up some mysterious package that had been sent to her place for him.

Hmmm.  Seem a little fishy?  Well it was.  It was a USPS envelope that could have been forwarded on to our address any time and saved us the extra two hours and the trip through the snowy mountains, but I am not about to get into the stupidity of having to make a detour for an envelope that we didn’t need at that very minute.  Instead I will show you the pictures I took of some of Oregon’s scenic beauty.

As we started through the mountains.

The top of the mountain!

After we left Bend we were finally headed towards Nashville.  But being as it was 4 hours to Bend we would have to make a stop somewhere in Idaho for the night.  We decided that if we could make it to Boise we would stay the night there and we did, but to get there we had to get through the windy 20 that took us right into the darkness of night.  NO LIGHT + NO MOON + WINDY MOUNTAIN ROADS= one super stressed out me, driving!  We finally made it to Boise and my nerves were frayed.  The last 45 minutes of the drive I had to go back to being a passenger so due to very heavy rains that I was too tired to drive through.  We settled into our room for the night after a few minutes of grouchy, stressed out snipping back and forth we went to sleep and decided to try to get an early start the next morning.

At least someone was comfortable.

The next morning we headed out of Boise and decided that we would be satisfied if we could make it a ways into Wyoming.  We set our sights for Rock Springs and were on the road by 9:30 AM.  My BF took the first round of driving and I pulled the second.  (I think he was trying to prove himself on this trip, because he kept track of how much time he spent in the driver’s seat. :D)

Early AM in Idaho. No spuds to be seen.

This day of the trip was much easier to deal with.  We had mostly blue skies and because we would arrive at Rock Springs early at around 6 PM we would have the opportunity to have dinner and then get to bed really early, which we both needed because we had such a rough night before and because we lost an hour to the time difference and would do that once more before we arrived at our destination.  When we were close to Rock Springs I had to call and find us a room.  You would be surprised how difficult this can sometimes be when you have an elderly large pet with you.  First you have to find places that allow pets, then they have to take large pets, then they must have a ground floor pet friendly room available, because Emma just can’t do stairs anymore at her age, and not have one of those insane pet fees like $50 for one night!  Luckily I have found that most Best Westerns are pet friendly and when I called the lovely lady at the front desk of the Best Western OUTLAW Inn, I am not kidding, she said that she could meet all of our needs.  Plus, when I asked her if there was a liquor store nearby she laughingly stated that they had one in the hotel.  I thought she was kidding, but to our utter amazement …

The little red sign to the right is a Drive Thru Liquor store!

she was not!  Not only did we have a liquor store on site, they also had a little restaurant in the place that we ordered dinner from.  We split our meals, a blackened chicken salad, that was wonderful and a fresh grilled Trout with steamed veggies.  Our cocktails and meal were wonderful, the room was clean, the tub was clean and large and gave me the opportunity for a soak and we were in bed by 9:30PM, which made getting up at 6 AM so much easier than next morning.

I took the first six-hour stretch of driving to get us from Wyoming into Nebraska so I apologize for the lack of photos detailing the beauty of Wyoming, but here is one I was able to shoot right before we got to our hotel for the night. 

A tribute to Lincoln at the highest elevation on the 80 in Wyoming.

My six hours flew by because the roads are mostly straight and flat through this part of the trip and the speed limit was 70.  I set the cruise control for 75 and we were off.  We switched over somewhere  near Sidney, Nebraska when we stopped to have lunch and were on our way to Lincoln.

That is where we found this little doggie in perpetual howl. 😀

Nature is lovely.

I’d have to say that this was the easiest day of the trip for me.  I got all of my driving out in the morning when I was fresh as a daisy and then was able to coast through the rest of the day till we hit Lincoln.We stopped in Lincoln and prepped for the last day of our journey.  It would be a long one.  We had over 754 miles till we reached our final destination right to the east of Nashville and we were determined to make it the whole way the following day.  We got up early, again having lost another hour due to time zones somewhere in Nebraska and started our trek.  I took first shift again, as I was assured that I would not have to do any night driving for the remainder of the journey.  I let my BF and Emma get their beauty rest and got us from Lincoln to just outside of St. Louis where traffic got bad and the rain started to fall.  I don’t do freeways in the rain, night or day.  Bad accident when I was a young driver and it still has me nervous to this day.

This was right before the rain really started coming down hard.

Once the rain let up my BF was still feeling a little groggy so we switched back for another hour or so to let him rest up for the remainder of the drive.  Once he was rested we stopped to stretch our legs at this little rest area and took in the new scenery.

Emma was way into smelling everything she could.

Time to cross from Missouri to Kentucky for a few miles then on to Tennessee!

Crossing the River outside of Metropolis Kentucky, I think?

Leaving Kentucky behind! Hello Tennessee!

Finally just as the sun was setting we hit the Tennessee state line!  WHOO HOO!  We were almost there.  Of course by this time everyone is tired, sore and super grouchy, but we were so excited to see the big lights of Nashville!

And one last hotel stay before we picked up our keys to our new place in the morning!  A cocktail in hand no more than a few minutes drive in the morning and a bed to sleep in and I was a happy camper!

My phone just announced that the pod has arrived so I must sign off for now, but I hope you enjoyed my little photo blog/essay about my four-day road trip!  I will let you all know what I am up too as soon as I can!  Oh and no time to proof read so I am sorry for any horrible grammatical errors on my part.  I’ll check when I have a moment later, promise.  Glad to be back!  :{D (handle bar mustache for my new southern life.)


4 thoughts on “Our Super Long Roadtrip from Oregon to Nashville

  1. I’m so glad to hear you made it safe! Your trip looks like it was quite an adventure and it’s awesome you got to experience so much of American history in such a short time period! Good luck unpacking – I’m right there with ya in that step of our move! Glad you’re back!

    • I only wish we had more time so we could have stopped and seen a few of the cooler things that we passed, but alas we were on a schedule. :/ My least favorite thing to be on when I am driving to new places. I like to explore. I am almost done unpacking. I have to cool it for a few days because I hurt my shoulder trying to get that Pod unpacked so quickly in 90 degree heat with 60% humidity. Bad idea. LOL.

  2. I too am glad you made it safe. 🙂
    This was a neat post–I have never done a cross country trip by car, and I could just imagine how tired and cranky it could make you feel. But at the same time, you took in a lot of mileage and sights and it was probably so exciting at the same time. I’m glad to see that Emma got the best seat of the house. 🙂 She deserves it, old pooch, sweety pie. I love those pictures of your dog. She just totally looks like a sweety pie.
    So, anyway, my husband and I are going to Gatlinburg, Tennesse (driving down from Ohio), in June and wonder if there would be opportunity to meet up?? Gatlinburg is about 3.5 hours to the west of Nashville. 🙂

    • OH how cool! I don’t know when you are headed out, but if we are here we should try to meet up! We will be going out of town off an on to visit my family now that we are so much closer. Let me know what dates you are thinking of. 😀 I can give you your bracelet if I ever find them, lol!

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