Silver Tipped Angled Nails

I know it has been a little while since I did a nail post so I though I’d share how I chose to do them for this weekend.

I used my base coat, then my light pink/nude polish.  After that had dried a bit I placed my tape securely and then applied my silver metallic polish on the tips.  Once my polish was mostly dry I removed the tape and applied my top coat over my nails.

I was going to go super fancy for our trip into the city to see Cirque on Saturday, but I figured that simple might be best next to all the craziness we are bound to see at the show.



7 thoughts on “Silver Tipped Angled Nails

    • Hey girlie! I miss you all too! I will be back online soon. No wifi till next Tuesday and no computer access till then either. I can’t wait to post my photos of our road trip. They are great, but you can really see the difference in the look of each of the states. Pretty cool and extremely exhausting trip. 🙂

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