Flower Feet

I felt very spring like today. What with news of the upcoming move I have felt a little stressed and there is no better stress relief than decorating my chubby little toes. I started with my base coat then added my light pink/nude polish. One that dried, I busted out my trusty white nail pen and drew on a few petals. I then went over my petals with my hot pink polish to add some depth.

Yay spring-time toes! Next time I am gonna buy a few different color nail pens and use those for my petal colors.


3 thoughts on “Flower Feet

  1. I love these! Ok, I have a proposal. You might not want to do it depending on how hard it is to make those leather belt bracelets. Make me a leather belt bracelet and I will buy you some colored nail pens! You don’t have to do it now cause I know you are busy, and you don’t have to do it at all, but I thought, I might as well throw it out there…

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