Oh The Humanity!

So I have good news and bad news.  The bad news, we are moving in two weeks and have yet to find a house or apartment to move into.  The good news, we are moving away from this dark, depressing, wet weather and closer to my family.  YAY!

I am excited that we will finally be getting close enough to my family that I can make the six-hour car trip for a weekend visit instead of spending a full 12-16 hours on a plane, or in an airport.  I am excited that my boyfriend will be closer to one of his all-time best buddies.  I am excited that we will be somewhere warm and sunny and have the opportunity to visit other warm and sunny places.  I am NOT excited about the hassles that come with moving.

I’ll have you know that it isn’t the packing, or the loading in or out, or even the driving to get there that poses any concern for me.  I happen to enjoy the long distance drives.  I view them as adventures waiting to happen.  The packing is a great excuse to clear out the clutter and junk that I had no excuse to toss earlier and I view the loading in and out as a physical challenge.  (Have I mentioned how competitive I am?)  It seems the only part of moving to a new state that bothers me is the housing search.

I get frustrated looking for a place that has all of the things that we need and want in a place to live.  I hate apartment and house hunting!  I cannot stomach another round of filling out applications and paying application fees, then waiting for the background check and credit checks to come through and all of that time-killing nonsense.  I know it isn’t nonsense, but it just irritates me that I have to wait for a week or two before I can get an answer from someone.  It’s a pet peeve.  I hate to talk to people on the phone and I hate having to wait and those two things seem to come in abundance when you are looking for a new place.  We have two main criteria that must be met before we can even entertain the thought of moving into an apartment or house.   We must live in a ground floor unit or one story house due to our extremely old dog and the landlord must allow pets.   We are constantly eliminating places based on just those two facts alone.

Luckily this time, my boyfriend has assumed all responsibility for picking our new residence.  Huzzah!  Unfortunately, my control freak tendencies will not allow that to happen.  I will more than likely be hovering over his shoulder reminding him to get things done as quickly and efficiently as I want them done.  I will also play the role of Debbie Downer more than once when he gets excited about a place and wants to put all of our eggs in one basket.  He will probably want to smother me in my sleep at that point, but at least I will gain a little peace of mind (and when I say a little I mean a tiny, little sliver).

So having covered my major character flaw, IE: super control freak, I will now move on to my greatest moving strength; long-distance travel and driving.  I have absolutely no problem with pulling a six-hour shift in the driver’s seat and then maybe taking a relaxing three-hour rest in the passenger’s seat only to go back to driving another six or so hours.  As long as the radio is on and I have control over the fresh air situation on my side I am good to go for quite a while before I need a real rest.  I think it is all of those long distance hauls by myself from state to state when I was in college.  I’d drive from Ohio to Colorado to see my folks, or to North Carolina to see my sister.  I moved myself to California from North Carolina, with a part-time co-pilot till Colorado when I dropped my dad off and finished the trek by myself.  I love to stop and get gas and snacks, or have a taste of the local fare at a diner in the middle of no-where.  This newest move will take me through states that I haven’t ever driven through, which is very exciting for me.  I can’t wait to see what these places have in store for us.  I just hope that my boyfriend and Emma can deal.  This move is double the length of our last and that one was tough on them.  They are not nearly as adventurous or limber as I.  😀

If we can just get a new address before we get there.  That is all I require to make this worth while and keep my inner control-demon from coming out to play, which is best for everyone involved, trust me.

So please don’t un-follow me if I don’t post as regularly as I should.  I will post as often as is humanly possible, I promise.  You may even get a few on the road, travel posts when I am not driving.  Hopefully I will be able to tell you all about my wonderful, new home soon.  😀

Last time we moved she was so stressed she found alcohol to be her only solace. I will keep her away from the booze this time.


3 thoughts on “Oh The Humanity!

  1. I’ve never had to buy a house, but I loved house-hunting while looking for student housing! I loved seeing all the different homes and layouts (especially if they’re nice and creative). Then again, I also happen to have a wonderful house and landlord right now, so no complaints here whatsoever. I take it as a chance to see something new and to try to imagine myself using a space. Hope you can take something fun out of the experience, too 🙂

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