Side French Braids

Now that my hair has gotten long again, I find myself trying out more and more as far as styling goes.  I love braids and taught myself how to french braid my own hair a few months ago.  French braiding can be difficult if you have very soft, fine hair like mine, but if you practice enough it gets easier pretty quick.  One of my new favorite ways to wear my hair is in side french braids.  This look can be Boho or it can be turned into a beautiful updo without very much effort.

Begin by parting your hair down the center or as close to center as you like.  You will be starting on one side and then moving to the other, so if you like you can tie off the section you aren’t working on to keep it out-of-the-way.  If you hair is long enough, like mine you can simply toss it over your shoulder and not have to fuss with it.

Next, take a nice size section of hair at the top of your head, from the front to the middle of the back of your head.  Comb it out and then separate it into three relatively equal sections.

Take the very front section and pull it over the middle section.

Then take the back section and pull that over your new middle section.

Now here comes the tricky part of French braids.  You need to add in new hair to your two, new end-sections.  Meaning that, while you are still holding your hair into these three separate sections you will grab some hair from the back of your head towards your ear to add into the back section and then add new hair from the front towards your ear to the front section.  I know, it is tough.  Your fingers are going to get all kinds of confused and maybe even sore from holding, but with practice you will figure out how to do this best.  Once you have added more hair to your end sections you want to again pull the front section over the middle and then pull the back section over that, just like at the start.

Once again grab more hair from the back of your head and add it to the back section and more hair from the front of your head and add it to the front section.  I like to use my thumbs to gather up the new hair.  I basically find the back center part with my thumb and then sweep my thumb through towards my ear, stopping when I am under the middle of my braid and then I do the same in the front.  After you have added more hair to your front sections just pull the front section over the middle then the back section over the new middle.

Once you get down to the bottom of you ear you may run out of hair to add into the front section of your braid.  That is fine.  Just continue adding hair to the back section then doing your overlap procedure until you reach the nape of you neck.  You will then be able to quickly braid the rest of your hair.

At the end of that side you just tie off your hair with an elastic band then move on to side two.  Following the same steps as side one, now complete side two.

I like to pair this look with a cute little sundress or a flowing tank top and jeans.

If you like your braids less boho and with more definition I suggest you take more time with your part and the selection of new hair to add to your front and back sections.  You can stop here, or you can very easily turn this look into a cute updo.

To make an updo out of your braids simply take one side and pull it behind your head slipping the end into the nape section of your other braid and pin or clip it into both the braid and the hair at the nape of your neck.

Then do the same with your other braid.  Bring it behind your head and tuck the end into the other side and pin or clip it into the braid and nape.

Here is how it looks from behind.  You may even want to pin your sections together in the center of you nape as well for more security.

All done.  Very cute and takes just a few extra pins and minutes.

I hope you like this style.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Braiding!


12 thoughts on “Side French Braids

  1. I used to french braid my hair all the time when I was at school. Actually someone else did it for me in the mornings. I miss that, but I’ve never been able to do it very well myself. You said practice. I should do that. I loved the two on the side. Also,, just wanted to tell you your hair is soooo pretty–shiney and I love the color. Maybe you could write a post on how you keep your hair so shiney?

  2. I love your hair colour, it’s beautiful and so rich! I have never done French braids (I don’t know how) and I’m not sure I could pull braids off. Either way, I don’t think mine would look that nice if I tried haha.

    • Once you get the trick of adding the other hair into the braid you are golden. I did one the other day without using a mirror and it still turned out pretty good. 😀 Practice makes perfect. I think you could pull off a braid. Plus you’ve got the cute bangs to go with it.

      • Oooh thanks for reminding me – I gotta trim my bangs haha.

        I will practice in the privacy of my room in front of a mirror and hope for the best 😛 The only thing is that I part my hair on the side, so I think one braid would be ridiculously thicker than the other… >__>

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