Week 10 Check-In: Getting My Butt In Shape

The past two weeks have gone by so quickly that I didn’t even realize that I was at the end of week 10 until after my workout this afternoon.  Today was a BBL Cardio Axe/P90X Arms day and it felt great!   I have upped my weights to 8 lb. dumbbells from my 5 lb. bands.  I also had to get a new pack of resistance loops last week because I was tearing holes in the medium weight loop that came with my Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs.  I took that as a sign it was time to upgrade to a heavy loop and picked up a three pack.

All in all I feel great.  I have noticed that my cardio stamina is improving and I have seen big advances in my strength training.  I am aiming for lean muscle so I try to do more reps instead of going heavy, weight wise.

I do need to increase the amount of water that I drink per day.  I have heard trainers say that your body can misinterpret the signal for needing more hydration as a hunger response so I that would explain a problem I have noticed as of late.  I have been ridiculously hungry for the past few weeks.  I can’t seem to get enough food and I think that is partly due to my low water intake and partly due to my strength training upgrades.  I think my solution is going to be doubling my H2O intake and adding even more protein and fiber into my diet.

I am also stoked to report that I am down to a size 2 in Levi’s jeans for women.  I don’t know if they have junior sizes, but I am pretty sure these are womens.  I bought a pair a week ago and they are already starting to get a little loose on me, which is awesome, but also kinda sucks as I don’t have unlimited funds for the purchase of a new pair of jeans every week or so.

I think this week is going to be a clean out the closet week.  I will try on everything I own and if it is too big I will send it on its merry way down to Charlotte to see if either my sis or mom could make use of anything.  It is really nice being about the same size as all the other women in my family.  😀 Plus my mom is a super seamstress and will probably be able to take in anything that is a bit on the big side, but worth saving.

Next week is an Ab/Core heavy week and I am looking forward to shredding my core till I can’t breathe.  There is nothing I love more than a good ab session.  It just hurts so good!  It will also give my knees time to get over the soreness of this past few weeks.  It was bad enough that I actually had to dig out my old knee brace just to continue.  Stupid whinny knees, keeping me down.  See you in a few weeks!

Here are my latest comparison photos.

Day 1

End of Week 10

End of Week 10, Front

Day 1, Back

End of Week 10

End of Week 10, Back

Week 10


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