I Think I’ve Gone Mad Nails

It may be that being stuck in this apartment for such long periods of time in this gloomy wet weather has finally driven me mad.  Of course I was pretty sick in the head to begin with so it would be very difficult to tell.

My nail experiment this time was something I saw a picture of on chloesnails.  She used tape to mark off four sections onto her nail then painted each section and allowed it to dry thus creating these really cool checkerboard nails.  I tried my best to accomplish this same look.  Her nails are much more neat and tidy than mine, but I think I did a fairly good job.  What with being insane and all.  😀

First, I took my base and coated all of my nails.  Then, I painted all of my nails with my min green color, which is a quick dry polish.  Once that was dry I took two small pieces of painters tape and placed them on top of my nail with the corners touching in the center of my nail.  With my tape firmly in place I then painted the uncovered sections with my blue polish.  After my nails had dried a bit I added my top coat and I was done.

I really like this look.  For some reason it make me think of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Perhaps the Mad Hatter was my inspiration after all.  😀


4 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Gone Mad Nails

  1. I see the Alice In Wonderland resemblance–i know what you mean. I don’t hardly ever paint my nails, but I always admire other women’s nails when they decorate them and keep them nice. I love this design and am going to share it with my best friend who does her nails all the time. She might like to try something like this.

  2. All the different hand positions really makes it seem a little crazy creepy when you title it “I’ve Gone Mad Nails” hahaha 😛 Nice nails and creative presentation, either way!

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