20 Minute Pork Chop Dinner

Last night I was debating how to prepare my two bone in pork chops for dinner, because I just wasn’t feeling the oven fried recipe that I usually use.  So I jumped onto on of my favorite food-porn website, foodgawker.com and hit the search bar.  What I found was a little slice of awesome in a recipe that rocked my world.  Check out the recipe on asweetpeachef.com

The only change I made in my preparation to the chops was the use of peanut oil instead of vegetable oil, for no other reason than I was desperate to try the peanut oil finally, and I used my cast iron skillet.  I paired my pork chops with garlic sauteed spinach and a baked potato (well, microwaved, if I am being honest).  This dinner took about a total of 20 minutes to make and was so yummy.

For the sauteed spinach I waited until my pork chops were about half way done cooking and then heated a little olive oil in my pan on medium low heat.  Once my oil was warmed I added about 3 small cloves of minced garlic and a pinch of red pepper flake and let that heat until the garlic became fragrant.  Once the garlic smell was permeating my kitchen and my pork chops were about three quarters done I started to add my spinach.  I used a 5 oz. box of spinach in the pan and sauteed till it had reduced to less than half of its original volume then added a pinch of salt.

The potatoes were super easy to make because our microwave has a potato setting.  I threw them in, pushed the button for two potatoes and let the microwave do the work.  After the timer went off I realized they were still a bit on the undercooked side and so I just added the time it would take to cook 1 more potato.

It took somewhere around 9-10 minutes total for the potatoes.  The spinach only took about five minutes or so and the pork chops cooked for a total of 10 minutes, though I am certain I could have taken them off between 8 and 9 minutes and they would have been safely cooked and even more juicy.  So with the prep time and cooking time, overlapping the dishes to be made as I went, this dinner fell into the 20 minute range and was absolutely delicious!  I highly recommend you checking out the foodgawker site and asweetpeachef’s site for some great dinner ideas or just to tease yourself with some amazing pictures of delicious looking food.

Happy Cooking!


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