Incorporating Highlight and Lowlight In Your Makeup Routine

So I’ve shown you a few different techniques that you can use to create very different makeup looks and now I am going to show you something that you can add into any of those looks that will help you showcase that lovely bone structure.

Highlights and lowlights, or contouring, are often overlooked in the daily makeup routine.  Probably the most the average female does to shadow her face is apply a darker color eyeshadow or maybe a dark blush to her cheeks.  There is much more to using highlights and lowlights though.  I have mentioned before that I have a bump in my nose from a baseball accident when I was little and that to distract from that little bump I line the sides of my nose with a little contour color.  That is just one of the ways you can emphasize or draw attention away from certain facial characteristics.

As per your normal makeup routine you want to start with a clean well moisturized face.  Using your concealer and/or foundation to cover blemishes and create a fresh pallet for you to work on.

To contour my face I use a medium-size, soft-bristled, round brush and a brown matte eyeshadow.

I begin my contouring with my nose; tracing a line down the very sides of my nose from eye brow to the tip.  You don’t need a lot of shadow and you will want to blend the color for a seamless finish.

Next to emphasize my cheekbones I trace a line directly under the bottom edge of the bone from my ear towards my nose, stopping about 2/3rds of the way in.  If you have a round face this can help you add some angles that will help thin it out a bit.  This technique is very individualistic in that you can play up what you like and hide what you don’t.  If you have a very thin face or very large cheek bones you may not want to emphasis them but instead showcase your jaw line or your eyes to balance out your face.  Play with this technique.  Find what works for you.

To accentuate my lips and make the bottom lip seem larger, I shadow the crease directly under my lip.

You can also use some light shading of your temples to elongate a wider face.  If you have a high forehead you can use shading at the hairline to seemingly shorten that distance.

Now onto highlights for a moment.  I am using an illuminating face cream to accentual the higher points of my face.  First I apply some to the bridge of my nose.

Next, I apply a few dabs to the tops of my cheekbones.

Then, I apply a small amount to the space above my chin.

Now that I have finished my basic high and low lights I blend them well.  Lines on your face are a dead give away that you have enhanced your features.

Using a light pearly pink face shimmer I highlight the apples of my cheeks.

I then apply a base coat of a flesh toned matte eyeshadow.

Then using a shading brush I add some contour color to my crease.

I also apply the contour color to the lower lid.

Using a liner brush I add a very dark brown to my lash line.

Then, I highlight my brow bone.

A quick sweep of blush on the apples of my cheeks to add some color.

I then apply some mascara to make my eyes really pop.

And since I went light on my eye color I am allowing myself a darker lip shade today.

You can use these highlight and lowlight techniques on their own for a more natural look or you can do as I have done here and incorporate them into a makeup look of your choosing.

Use your face as canvas.  Remember that you only want to highlight the HIGH parts of your face and contour only the lower parts of your face.  The snow on the mountain is always at its highest peeks not in the valley.  Once again, nature shows us the way.  😀

I hope you have enjoyed today’s tutorial.

Happy Highlighting!


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