Creating Dramatic Smokey Eyes

First let me say, this look is not for the timid!  However, if you want to make a dramatic statement with your eye makeup this is the way to do it. 

Start with a fresh palate of clean well moisturized skin.  I applied a skin and eyelid primer then covered my dark circles with concealer and a base layer of foundation.  I picked a light silver, shimmering shadow and applied that from my crease to my brows.

Next, I picked my lid color.  For this step I used a dark eggplant matte shadow.  I pressed this color onto my entire eye lid and slightly into the crease.

Once my shadow was on I took my smudge brush and used that to pull some of that dark shadow up onto my brow bone using lighter pressure the farther up towards my brows that I got.

Using my blending brush I evened out the shadow and blended it slightly with the silver color on the top of my brow bone.

My next step was to apply my smokey liner.  For this I used a deep shimmering indigo shade.  I applied the shadow with a lining brush to my lash line.

I also applied this shadow to my lower lash line.

Next I used my smudging brush and blended that shadow to create the smokey effect on both my lower and upper lash line.

Once I achieved the level of smokiness I wanted on my lids I went back to my brow bone with the light silver color and touched that up while blending it in with the darker shade on the lower part of my brow bone.

Finally I added my mascara.  I didn’t curl my lashes, because I am not a fan of eyelash curlers.  Instead, I just used my wand to lift my lashes by moving the wand from side to side quickly while pulling the wand up through my lashes.

As always don’t forget to set your makeup with a translucent powder, which will also help keep shine down to a minimum, and apply a lighter shade of lipstick to keep yourself from looking overdone.  I hope you enjoy this technique!


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