Striped Nails

This technique is a bit more labor intensive, but I liked the results so I am going to show you how I did it.

I used three different color polishes and my base/top coat.  You will also need to get some blue painters tape.  I tried scotch tape, but it left too much residue on my nails.

First I applied my Orly Top 2 Bottom as my base coat.  After my base coat was dry I set my tape strips across my nails to create a diagonal line. 

I applied Revlon’s Scandalous to the bottom part of my nail and let it dry, then removed the tape and re-applied it a bit farther up on my nail on the same diagonal.

I carefully applied my next color in between my tape and the bottom color.  For this I used Revlon’s Smoldering.  I let this color dry and removed the tape.

Finally I applied my last color to the tip of my nail following the diagonal line created by the middle color.  I used Sally Hansen’s Big Money for this step.  Once this had dried a bit I applied my Orly Top 2 Bottom as my top coat and then gave them a good spritz with my cooking spray to keep them from smudging.

Of course I touched up the edges after everything was dry.

I think they turned out pretty cute. I got the idea to use tape from Chloe’s Nails, which has lots of great ideas for nails designs and wonderful tutorials.

You can check out the site at

Have a great day and happy painting!


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