In Defense of Geek Girls Everywhere.

A few weeks back I read a blog claiming that there was no such thing as a geek girl, that in fact the only reason that a girl acts geeky is because she is actually seeking attention from the demographic of male, early adopters, who have a tendency to spend a lot of money on new tech and gadgets and who are searching for a girl just like themselves.  A girl who loves old school pinball, Atari, cartoons, Sci-fi movies, Doctor Who, Comic Con, the newest Apple devices, D&D and all of the things that make up the geek “brand”.

Not surprisingly the two she-geeks mentioned in the article were the epically adorkable Zooey Deschanel and the funny and sexy Olivia Munn.  The article used these two ladies as a point against geek girls everywhere because they were supposedly too good to be true.  That neither of these ladies could possibly be a true geek because they are both attractive, up on the latest trends in fashion and beauty,  have social lives and are still be willing, having all of those attributes, to admit to being a geek.  It’s this self hating geekery that I just can’t stand.

This is why I don’t get what the point was of that anti-she-geek post.  Was it to say that all geeky girls aren’t pretty? Was it to say there are no true female geeks in this world?  Was it to say that if you find and adopt a style that works for you that is quirky as well as cute, you can’t be considered an intelligent individual who has an interest in technology and science?  Was the author’s point that a woman can’t be a geek without having ulterior motives than the pleasure she might take in a Battlestar Galactica Marathon?  Seriously, someone tell me if you can figure it out?

Here is the deal.  I am a geek; have been all my life.  And I am proud of being a geek.  Where being able to recite Monty Python sketches verbatim and espousing my thoughts on the possibility of multiple universes might have been my undoing in High School, it has only found me close friends, who truly understand me, in my adulthood.  I may have been embarrassed to admit who I was when I actually cared what random strangers thought of me in my younger years, but the older wiser me couldn’t give a hot damn what some casual acquaintance’s negative thoughts are about my personality.  I am defending my right to my geek lifestyle and that of many other women like me, for we are legion.

Don’t pigeon-hole us into being some crazy, sex starved cosplayer with daddy issues, or some anti-social, fashion-challenged basement dweller, or some “I used to play pong before it was cool”, hipsterette wanna-be.  Accept that fact that female geekdom comes in many forms, with many faces.  Just remember that, above all, we are women and no matter how hard you try, you will never figure us out, so I suggest you stop trying.


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