6 Week Check In: Getting My Butt Into Shape

Well all in all I would have to say this has been a fun if not challenging six weeks.  My weight went up a bit this week, about 3lbs., but I have a feeling that has more to do with muscle mass and hormones than with anything else.  I have kept to my diet, giving myself only a few days off from calorie counting.  I have managed to add in my P90X workouts this past few weeks as well and that seems to be challenging enough for my muscles to have to continue working hard.  The past two-week I have alternated P90X with Brazilian Butt doing two days on and one day off, then three on, then one off.

I am still losing inches, more slowly now then the first four weeks, but I have noticed an overall firming up of all my problem areas. The only two areas that have continued to give me trouble are my thighs and my lower back.  I am not giving up though, because as I said before I have noticed that these areas are much more firm than they used to be and even if they aren’t getting smaller, I will take that result.

It’s hard to not compare myself with what I am constantly subjected to by media and entertainment sources, but my outlook is starting to change.  I saw pictures of Angelina Jolie’s arms at the Oscars and thought to myself, “Oh hell no, that is too skinny.”

I think that overall my outlook is pretty positive, but I still have my down days where I don’t see the idealized version of a woman’s body where mine is in the mirror and actually feel badly for it.  I know that I will get over this in time.  Why, even today after I finished my workout and was about to jump in the shower I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “You know kiddo, you are doing something really great for yourself and you have made some big changes and should be proud of yourself for that.”

My goal for the next few weeks is to keep on working hard and focus on my mental picture of what I want me to be.  I will stop thinking in terms of models and movie stars and all that photo-shopped, air-brushed crap that is spoon fed to me on a daily basis and start thinking in terms of how much progress I am making and how great it feels to slip into jeans that used to be tight.  So I guess is what it really comes down to is that in two weeks I hope to reveal a much more satisfied me.

Day 1, Back

After Week 2, Back

End of Week Four, Back

End of Week 6

End Of Week 6, Back

Day 1, Front

After Week 2, Front

End of Week Four, Front

End of Week 6, Front


5 thoughts on “6 Week Check In: Getting My Butt Into Shape

    • Thanks for your kind words. I’m stoked that you stopped by. I hope that I can help just one person understand that all it takes to make big changes is the will to do the work. It helps motivate me everyday. 🙂

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