Party Nails

One of my favorite things to do when I have a little down time in the morning between breakfast and my workout, is to give myself a quick manicure.  This morning I felt exceptionally motivated and so I added a pedicure to that list too.

Here is what I used: 

On my fingers I began with a base coat of Orly’s Top 2 Bottom.  I then did one layer of Revlon’s Smoldering Glossy Enamel. Then starting at the nail bed I added a thin layer of Revlon’s Radiant Glitter Enamel to about mid way up my nail.  After that was dry I used the same technique to add Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush Enamel in Big Money and finished with my top coat of the Orly’s Top 2 Bottom.

I am pretty happy with the results.  Now, moving on to the toes.

I used all of the same polishes on my toes, but changed the direction of the glitter polished from a nail-bed-up to an tip-down application.

Also I used a little trick on my fingers when I was done painting and waiting for them to dry.  I sprayed them with a little cooking spray.  I saw an article yesterday saying that it makes them dry faster.  It seemed to work and was also a pretty good moisturizer for my nail beds.

Hope you like my Party Fingers and Toes.

Happy Polishing!


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