How to Rag Curl Your Hair

Another way to curl your hair sans heat is by using a very old school method called rag-curls.

When I was little my mom used to do this to my sister’s and my hair. It won’t take you long and you can leave it in overnight to set curls.

All you need is either pieces of rags or you can use trouser socks, like I am doing. The wider the rags and larger the sections of hair you use, the larger the curls you will have in the end. If you want tighter curls use a smaller size rag and smaller sections of hair.

Start with mostly dry hair, because if your hair is too wet it will not dry all the way. Also, if you have hair that is prone to frizz I suggest you use some conditioning spray on your hair before you start to roll it. I did two side sections and two back sections.

Start with one side section brushing it out and rolling from the bottom over the sock, much like creating a sock bun, bringing that roll tight to the side of your head. You could also roll the sections sideways or over under.

When you have reached the top of your head tie the two ends of the rag or sock together.

Next move on to the other side and alternate back and forth till you have reached the back of your head.

You are done until your hair is dry. I am leaving mine in over night so that the curls will be completely set.

As you can see the rolls held up pretty well over night. This is not as comfortable to sleep in as the headband curls, but all in all wasn’t too bad.

You want to begin your roll removal in the back with the last roll that you made. Simply untie the two ends of your rag and pull the rag lightly from your hair. If you have rolled the curls to the side instead of under then you and untie and remove the rag by unwinding it from the curl, following the barrel of the curl. This will give you ringlets.

Once you have the back unrolled move to the front and unroll the sides.

All done unrolling. You can either leave your hair like this or comb through it with your fingers to break up the curls.

Here is a shot of the back.

I combed through with my fingers and styled a little.

All done for today! Happy Rolling!


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