How to Create a Sexy Evening Makeup.

There is nothing better than a great night out. Well there is one thing, looking super-fine and having a great night out. Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years that will help you create a sexy evening makeup.

I started with a clean, moisturized face. I covered any blemishes with concealer and (if you are a foundation wearer) applied a light layer of base. Prep your eyes with primer if you are looking to extend your makeups longevity.

I began with my eye makeup, starting with a base in a light tone. I am using a light nude/pink for my eyeshadow base. I applied this color from my lash line to my brow by using a large soft brush and going from the inner portion of my eye to the outer corners.

Next, I chose a lighter shade for my inner eye. I used a light pink shimmer shade that was just slightly lighter than the base color. I applied this color from the inner corner of my lid to a little past the middle of my eye from the lash line to the crease.

Now it was time to get some drama going in the outer corner of my eye. For this you will want a fairly dark shade. I chose a steel grey shimmer. I applied this shadow from the outer corner of my eye to about a quarter in, along the lash line then angled from the outer corner again up to the crease. For this step I used a smudging brush, which is rounder and not as soft as my base color brush.

Using light strokes I blended the shadow from the outer corner along the crease to a little past the center of my eye. You can also pull a little of this color up onto the bottom side of your brow bone, but don’t take it too far up.

I also added a light sweep of this color onto my bottom lid from the outer corner to the center of my eye.

As you can see this application was already having a dramatic effect on the shape and depth of my eye.

Next, I used a shadow lining brush and took an even darker color and applied that to my lash line pulling the color up slightly as I went. I only used this shadow on the outer quarter of my eye. The color I chose was a very deep gray-black shimmer.

I also rimmed the under side of my upper lashes with a black liner. You can skip this step if you don’t feel comfortable getting this close to your eye.

I took a moment and shaped my brows with powder shadow and a brush.

Then I used a liquid liner and created a line, that ran along my lashes, that was thinner on the inner eye and got thicker as it went to the outer corner. I like the liquid liner for this because the tip is very thin and can create a very fine detailed look. If you are not comfortable with liquid liner you can use pencil, but you will lose some of the definition of the line.

I then took my blending brush and lightly blended my shadows to smooth out any darker or light patches.

Next, I applied a light layer of the pearly pink to my brow bone and blended that well with the darker shadow from my crease.

I then used a white liner on my lower water line and right at the very top of my brow line in my arch to open my eyes.

I left the liner on my water line alone, but when I was done adding the liner to my arch I blended it slightly with my finger tip. Very light pressure will do the work for you here.

I was almost done with my eyes, but wanted to add some color to my cheeks before I set with powder so I swept a light pink matte blush along the top of my cheek bone.

I then lightly added a brighter shimmery pink to the apples of my cheeks.

Once my cheeks were finished I set my makeup with a translucent powder using light upward circular strokes.

With my powder set I applied a few layers of a dark black mascara to my top lashes and also made a lighter pass on my bottom lashes. To avoid goop I removed excess mascara from my wand with a paper towel before I applied.

My lashes were done, but I wanted to add just a touch more drama to my eyes.

I go back in with the smudge brush and added just a bit more of my crease color back in before I finished.

When using a dramatic look on your eyes you don’t want to go over board by adding a dark lip as well. I lined my lips with a nude base then filled in with a pink nude color to finish off this sexy evening look.

Once you makeup is done you can pair it with an updo or some beach waves or even a sleek straight look. Your hair won’t matter too much though, because your sweetheart won’t be able to stop looking at your come hither eyes.

I hope you enjoy your new look and your evening out.


2 thoughts on “How to Create a Sexy Evening Makeup.

  1. haha good post like it a lot. Have you ever been trained or just picked it up because you like it. I always like to hear how other people learned the trade 🙂 Great job though!

    • Thank you! I learned a lot by being involved in theater from the time I was a kid. I actually went to college for that for a while and took a few stage makeup classes. A few of my techniques, though, just come from playing around a lot and asking people for tips when I like what they have done.

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