Homemade 3-D Card

This Valentines Day I had a pretty bad cold so I didn’t get a chance to go out and get my sweetheart a card and gift.  Instead, I found a cute idea online and gave it my best shot.  The result was this cute homemade 3-D card.  I’ll link to the site below, but I am not sure what type of site it is because I don’t speak the language.

So all I did was pull up the picture from the site and print it out.  I pulled a sheet of paper over the print out and used a pencil to trace the outline from template onto the fresh sheet.  You could use red paper if you have any, but since I was limited to what was in my office I used white.

Next, I cut the solid lines in the paper using an X-ACTO Knife.  Once I had the cut out completed I folded the paper at the dotted lines, creating the 3-D effect.

After I had the these steps completed I used a blank card for my background by pasting the 3-D page to the center of the card.

Lastly, I used colored pens to color in the hearts and a fine tipped Sharpie marker to outline the inlaid 3-D page.

Super cute and super simple.

Here is the link to the page that had the original image.  I also have it pinned on my Pinterest page as well at:





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