Getting My Butt Into Shape: Four Week Results

Today was the my last day of the first four weeks of Brazilian Butt Lift.  I have to say that I am very proud of myself for having only postponed 2 non consecutive days in the entire four weeks; one from being sick with a chest cold and the other from having a couple of very good friends in town for a weekend visit.  Even still I stayed almost completely on the 6 days on, 1 day off routine up until this last week where is was two days on one-off all week.  As penance for the shifted schedule I even threw in an extra workout today.

My grand total of weight lost was 8 lbs.  I went from 130 to 122 lbs. in 28 days.  No, it is not a huge amount of weight lost, but it is a substantial amount when I know that I have also been adding muscle and not just loosing fat.  The total amount of inches lost was 3.5 with 2 of those inches being just from my waist line.  Unfortunately my thighs have only made a reduction of about a 1/4” each, but I will take the curves as long as they don’t look like they are filled with pudding.

All in all, I would highly recommend this workout to anyone who wants to tone and sculpt their butt and who gets bored doing the stair-stepper in the gym.  The workouts range from 20-50 minutes each and are mostly doubled up on days so that you are doing anywhere from 55-90 minutes each day.

I especially loved the cardio routine because it was a dance routine and not just a bunch of leg lifts or squats and so the time just flew by and became more fun each time.  Plus, I love the way that Leandro says the word tornado, it makes me smile each time. Gotta love that Brazilian accent!

Last time I posted my two-week results pictures and today I am going to show you week 4.  I really noticed the difference, not just in the look of my body, but also in the way I walk and move.  I definitely feel much more balanced than before I started.  I also have a feeling that my joints are in much better form than they were four weeks ago.  My leg and hip flexibility has gone through a complete transformation and seems to just keep getting better with each day.

Here are my transformation pictures from day 1 to the end of week 4.  First the back side and then the front.  I apologize for the lack of makeup in these shots, but I’ll be damned if I am gonna get glammed up just to sweat it all off onto my yoga mat.

Day 1

After Week 2

End of Week Four

Day 1

After Week 2

End of Week Four

Here is a close up of my abs by the end of week 3.

It doesn’t take a special person to make big changes;  all it takes is the want and the the will to do it!

Good luck and happy sweating.


2 thoughts on “Getting My Butt Into Shape: Four Week Results

  1. Damn girl! You look amazing! I started boxing/kickboxing last week. How do you go 6 days on? I went two days in a row, yesterday and today and I can barely move! Well just wanted to give you some props. Again, you look fantastic! I miss you guys. Hope to see you soon and strut our new toned bodies on the beach. Keep blogging. This just inspired me to keep up the hard work!

    • Thanks Britt! The first week was the worst, but after that it got a little easier to maintain. I found it a whole lot easier once I posted my first blog, because then I felt accountable to everyone. After a step like that there was no going back. It worked about as well as a double-dog-dare did when I was little. I miss you guys too! I would love to get into kickboxing or boxing. Get out all my frustrations on a big ol’ heavy bag. Tape a big picture of Jon’s face to it, just kidding, or am I. HA! I hope to be super toned before summer so we can come back to the beach and actually get some sun. Just remember what you once told me, nothing helps sore muscles like a good workout. Give Bryan a shot of whiskey from me. XO

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